Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guest Post: Top 5 Things To Do In Vegas!

So, if you've not been keeping up with my shenanigans [shame on you!] then you don't realize I am currently residing in Las Vegas wobbling around after running my first half-marathon. Since I'm out-of-commission and will either be in a very intoxicated or very sore [probably both] state I've asked Meg from You're Meaghan Me Crazy [seriously, is that blog name not awesome!] to guest post! She is one of those amazing people you talk to for 2 minutes and you're hooked! Completely genuine & friendly. So be kind to her, otherwise I may have to stab you with a spork. You've been warned.

hey I'm Meg from you're meaghan me crazy and I am super pumped to be writing a guest post for the fabulous Tamara!
ps. how freaking jealous are you that she's in Las Vegas right now??

so Tamara's been like a running machine lately and since I don't think I could run 2o feet without passing out, (and considering where she is) I figured I could write up a little wish list about things I would do in Vegas if I ever got to go there.

first, I would definitely go to a casino.  not for long or else I'd have to sell everything I own (which isn't much) to get outta there.

I would be totally be all over the Bellagio.  and yes, mostly because it is the only one I recognized when I googled casinos in Vegas..
I went to my first casino in Niagara Falls but it would be nothing compared to this one.  apparently there are no windows or clocks so you never know what time it is or how long you've been in there.

without a doubt hands down I would be all over the cirque du soleil.  I've never seen them but I think I would have to go for the Zarkana one.

I have only ever heard amazing things.  the shit those people can do blow my mind!


please please please tell me you've heard of Jeff Dunham!!



I don't have a clue how he got famous but I could spend hours watching him on youtube.  seeing him live would be unbelievable!  if I couldn't see him I would definitely see a comedian of some sort.

he's a ventriloquist and has a bunch of different characters and he's unreal at their voices.  if you've never heard of him it is sooo worth a google.


technically according to google maps it's about 50 minutes away but I'd check out the hoover dam.  hands down one of the most amazing things ever.  it fascinates me.  

google it for 5 minutes and you will be impressed.  not only would the views be amazing but I'd love to take a tour and actually learn about it and how all that crap works.

most importantly, I would walk around.  I would go and explore the strip and wander into strange shops and restaurants and just take in as much as I could!

my biggest regret when I went to NYC was spending too much time in chain stores that are every wheres and not nearly enough time just wandering.

you can not say that pic doesn't look amazing.

I know this is only supposed to be the top 5 things I would do but lets be honest here, a cocktail or two or 10 would most definitely be in order every night/afternoon and was going to be my number one but I had to make this post appropriate.

well if you're still reading thanks! 

tamara, you're a tank, I can't believe you are running a half marathon! you rock dude, seriously.

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meg said...

thanks for the love girl!
honoured to write this for you!