About Me

Howdy. I'm Tamara (rhymes with camera) but you're more than welcome to just call me Tam. I live in Texas with my badass husband, beautiful daughter, and a wildly inappropriate love affair of Oreos. God bless their deliciousness.
I started my fitness journey in 2012 a little over a year after having my daughter - I was not handling the transition into motherhood as well as I had hoped and felt miserable. I couldn't figure out to balance Tam the person with Tam the mom & I knew something had to change, so in an effort to drop some weight and find myself again I turned to running.
Running helped show me that YES I was capable, YES I was strong, and YES I was beautiful during a time when I felt like none of those things. I refuse to go back to that place, so I keep trucking along & sharing my journey. I've met some wonderful people, have done some amazing things I never thought possible and continue to be passionate about the beauty within us all. It's there, always has been, sometimes you just need to find something to help pull it out of you.

I hope you stick around for my journey - it's never dull, always changing & without a doubt one helluva ride!

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