Monday, November 5, 2012

This Weekend, I … [11.5.12]

This Weekend, I decided to make it 3 days instead of two by taking off on Friday. My in-laws [who are amazing and keep The Lillie for me while I work] were heading off to celebrate their anniversary and I was determined to get the house in a manageable state. Turns out that is impossible with a nearly 2 year old. But ‘A’ for effort, right?

This Weekend, I started getting wrapped up in my own head about what this month is bringing to the table [a 10k, Lillie’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, 4 wheeler shenanigans and getting ready for my half December 2nd!] and became increasingly frustrated through out the day on Saturday because of it. I just started to feel overwhelmed by it all which resulted in this tweet. And then resulted in me so grateful for Katie over at State of Change. With all the competition to be best mom ever in the world it’s so nice to have someone who tells it like it is. For my mom friends, I highly encourage you to check her out. She is fantastic. And her little family is pretty darling as well.

This Weekend, I started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I’m hoping to shed a couple inches by the time we go to Vegas just for my own peace of mind and I’ve heard this is a great way to do it. There are 3 workouts, 10 days of each for about 20 minutes. Completely do-able time-wise as the kiddo doesn’t bother me too much. She even got down to do some push-ups yesterday. Yeah, I know, you don’t have to tell me she’s quite the bad-ass. I took measurements on the first day so we’ll see if I stick with it & what the results are at the end of the month!

This Weekend, I ran 8 miles. For the first time ever. It was terrible you guys. Like, the entire time all I wanted to do was punch baby rabbits in the face but I did it. I just felt like I couldn’t get my groove on. It was definitely a mental thing for me this week even though I was trying to focus on important things [sometimes thinking of Lillie’s face at the end or Alfred cheering me on helps] but nothing was working. Finally, I did what any normal person does – I just started counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 until I had no more counts left. And then when I was finished I looked down at my shoes and thought “My gawd, my feet are huge.” What? Expecting something magical? Sorry, not this week folks. I was done-zo. I had nothing left in my brain other than numbers 1 through 4.

This Weekend, I enjoyed the hell out of grilled chicken, grilled squash & onion, and a cold beer with my husband. I am so pumped for leftovers tonight.
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Recently Roached said...

Look at you running 8 miles! I'm sorry it was terrible, but you're right... baby steps! Pretty soon you'll be running a marathon!

Jodi said...

Congrats on running 8 miles! That is awesome! Keep it up!

Casey said...

I have counted before while running. Usually I can do sets of 8, but that is just what a dance background does to your brain :)

Abbey said...

Google quit working as I was commenting earlier. I'm going to try to recreate my comment. It went something like this:


Also, I would pay to see your little Lillie doing pushups. Not in a creepy or mean way, but in a I don't think I can imagine anything cuter kind of way.

Katie said...

Look at you getting all fit and awesome. I've heard good things about Jillian Michael's program's.

Sounds like a busy month for you. Things like that stress me out too. Sending good vibes your way! :)

Katie said...

Yay 8 miles!

You are awesome, thanks for the shout out. I like to think I keep it real :)

30 Day Shred is how I lost the baby weight. I love to hate it.

Adrienne said...

GO you! EIGHT miles, that's amazing girl!

There are good days and bad days, that's normal for running. And if you're like me, the good days are GREAT and the bad days are TERRIBLE.

But you did it! You're so close!