Monday, November 12, 2012

This Weekend, I … [11.12.12]


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This Weekend, I survived my run through the zoo. It was hard. And not because I was pretending that lions & bears were hot on my tail-end the entire time, it was hard because apparently there are these things called hills. I am strictly a dreadmill runner so, yeah, I’m more than a little sore. I’ll post more on this tomorrow but I am very happy that I still managed to beat my previous time of 1:24:04 with 1:21:56 [according to the official results]. So, turns out #305 was pretty lucky indeed.20121110064241This Weekend, I attended a Pure Romance party and I can’t say much about it – but suffice it to say, it was hardcore fun. [Oh, puns.] Also, I may or may not have yelled out the word jugs. Most of the attendees were co-workers and none had ever been to a party of this nature before so it was hilarious to see their expressions & listen to their comments. Trust me when I say we are all seeing each other in a new light this Monday.

This Weekend, I went with the boys [the husband, Alfred and his husband, Justin] while they checked their hunting traps. I wore a pair of thigh-high waders [so sexy, right] and was completely pumped that I could actually pull them up to my thighs. This time last year I couldn’t get them past my knee. The husband was like “Only you would be excited that a pair of waders fit you.” Men folk, sheesh. [For the record, I totally wore them the rest of the day.]

This Weekend, I watched The Amazing Spiderman. the-amazing-spider-man-wallpaper-2012I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it because we’re fans of the previous with ones starring Tobey Maguire.  But I daresay, I liked it even more than those. They updated the story a little and took a little more free-range with the typical – bit by a black spider scenario – but it still totally worked. And I also found out that I have a crush on Andrew Garfield. When I first heard they were remaking Spider-Man, I wasn’t feeling him. But then he made me laugh in the film & I kind of love laughing so he totally won me over. andrew-garfield-2011I asked Alfred if we could dress up as Spiderman & his crush in the film [played by Emma Stone – love her!] and all I got was the stank-eye. Maybe it had something to do with all the spandex involved? Not really sure, but I’ll keep working on him.275px-Spider-Man_actors


Sara said...

We watched the Amazing Spider-Man, too! We had actually gone and saw it in the theater, so I knew what to expect, but I liked it better than the original three, too! SO much better! :-)

P.S. LOVE the curly do. :-)

Jodi said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad to hear that the movie was good. I'll have to see it.

Lin said...

You had one hell of a productive weekend. Nice way to show us lazy asses up. And, is that photo of you before or after the run cause if you look that good after then I may have to make a trip to Texas just to kick you in the shin.

Ok, I might have to stick around for drinks after the kick, but that's only cause I gotta apologize somehow ;)

Katie said...

Yay for your run! And I have yet to see Spiderman but now I kind of want to!