Monday, January 30, 2012

Miracle Match 5k Aftermath

so for the past few years
i've been doing this thing at the end of january
with really no problem at all
probably because i actually put for some real effort
to, you know, avoid what i've been dealing with the past two days
the aftermath of a 5k
which means i run 3.1 miles
in the cold-ass morning
with a bunch of other people
all supporting marrow donation
and being good people for it
because what normal people pay money to run?
you can do that for free outside
am i right?
anyways, this year i signed up with high hopes
but then life happened
and before i knew it, race day was upon me
and i seriously considered not doing it
because i'd only really ran like 6 times
in the past two weeks
and no where near 3 miles
but then i thought,
no. i will do it. i can do it. it won't be that bad, right?
and it wasn't...
until the next day when i'm pretty sure my husband was convinced i need a walker
{complete with tennis balls on the bottom}
and new carpet with all the shuffling my feet were doing
and the random moaning that would escape my lips
as i'd do anything
still though, i think it was worth it because
 i actually did run 1.5 miles without stopping
{which i've never done before}
i may be slow as molasses
{seriously, a woman with a stroller passed me}
but i did it
and have already signed up for another one come March
{i plan to be much better prepared for this one!}
so, if anyone in the central texas area
would like to join me
i can almost exactly promise you these things
*that you'll be faster than me*
*we will listen to some awesome music*
*just when you think you can go no more,
i will loudly cheer you on, almost to the point of embarrassment...
if you are ready to have a high-kicking, eye of the tiger, incredibly slow jog experience
email me at 
or hit me up on facebook
i'll send you the specifics!

hi baby best friend

it's been a long journey for you
because you see,
you've been in our hearts for a very long time
but things just weren't quite right yet for you
to settle in to your mom's belly
there were tears
{oh, were there tears!}
and there were laughs
{to probably cover up the tears}
and there were nights when all we could do was just imagine the day
when peeing on a stick made everything -
every temperature taken
every doctor visit
every feeling of punching other
pregnant people in the face -
completely worth it
because baby best friend
you've chosen the perfect parents
you've chosen our best friends
emilie & justin
two of the most hilarious, caring, amazing people
i've had the joy of sharing my own kid with
my own life with even
alfred and i can't wait to hold you
to tell you terribly embarrassing stories of your parents
in their younger days
{put my boot on!}
and to be witness to the wonderful human being 
we already know you'll be
you are a blessing
something we will tell you
every day for the rest of your life
because you made your mom and dad's dreams come true
you made them parents
job well done, little one, job well done indeed.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Be Adorable

unless you're familiar with kids
or have them yourself
you really don't realize how smart they can be
how quickly they pick up things
how they can use their cuteness for evil
which is what i'm certain lillie's newest trick
will be used for
"be adorable"
those two little words evoke
an innocent cheesing grin and shoulder roll almost instantly from my 14 month old
{14 months, wtf, really?!}
she even managed to do it mid-fake cry the other night
unfortunately, we didn't have time to get that on camera
because we were laughing so hard
which, of course, just made her do it more
but while we were playing the other night
{{with a box - nothing but the best for my baby}}
she did cooperate
kind of
{{you know, when she wasn't worried about stepping in or out of the box}}
i think we may be in for a looonngg 18 years...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Resolutions

i did fairly well in 2011
but hope to be better in 2012
{don't we all!}
which is why you'll notice my resolutions are..
well, kind of vague

*weigh less than i do now*
even if that's only by 1 lb
i know, it seems a lot safer and easier than saying my goal weight
{which is what i had for last year}
my self-esteem can only take so much
and putting the expectation of being high-school thin again
on a body that's had a baby
{and effing loves her some oreos}
well, it takes a toll on a girl
and on a relationship
and i'm over that
i've had a year to whine
it's time to shit or get off the pot

*read more*
so, i'm kind of obsessed with books
i always have been
i love reading
but this past year, i think i may have read... maybe two
as opposed to my normal 20 something
and it's not okay
i miss it
and this year, as much as i love being a mom
and a wife
i've realized that doing everything
is practically impossible
i'm not perfect
but i'm closer to it when i get a little 'me' time
and reading, that's the best me time i can give me

*write more*
my husband knew i wrote
he was aware of this blog
but up until a few weeks ago
i had never actually had him read anything i wrote
just little excerpts here and there
and one day he was like what is this post about Lillie
and i was like 'which one'
and he was like they were talking about it at work
so he read it
and loved it
and immediately said
why the hell aren't you doing this for a living?
and i said, you know what 
why aren't i?
and then i'm fairly certain he got laid
just saying.

*create more*
so, i like to be crafty
but when you divvy up your time
between mom, wife, maid, laundry fairy, bringer home of some of the bacon 40+ hrs a week
well, being crafty gets put on the back burner
which sucks
because i love creating things
and i hope by being an example to lillie
she'll grow up choosing creativity and individuality
over television and conformity

so, if you'll keep your fingers crossed for me, 
i'll keep my size 11 feet crossed for you
{and that's a lot of luck - have you seen my skis?}
so i expect all 10 of your fingers crossed

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Resolutions - the results

let's do it
{no, not that, perv}
let's go back in time
approximately one year ago
you know when you decided that you were going to actually keep your resolutions this time
did you do it? 
were you awesome?
or did you forget about it until December 31st and you were like
and everyone gave you the 'dang, i think she's had too much champagne look'
{not that i know what that look looks like...}
because you said all that out loud
and then you're like eh, whatever, i'll just resolve the same things for this year as i did last year
i can file a time extension, right?
so, don't be afraid, just step in the car
{don't worry, I talked to Marty he said it was fine}
now, where in the world did i put that flux capacitor?
here they are, my resolutions from last year
- i resolve to not be pregnant for 2011.
i totally made this one my bitch.
and it was so awesome.
-i resolve to meet my goal weight.
yeah, not so much a bitch as a long lost acquaintance
i did lose 25 lbs all together throughout the year
i just didn't make it to my goal weight
which is what i specified
so, kind of a half-win?
-to run a half-marathon
yeah, this didn't happen.
I did run a 5k though
but i still have this on my bucket list
whether i actually succeeded in 2011 or not
so, not too bad. probably the first year i made somewhat progress on resolutions or succeeded in them.
i'm okay with how 2011 turned out
and have high hopes for 2012
because i think this year, i'm going to be a little selfish
and divulge myself a little in the finer things in life
and i'm definitely okay with that

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

technically this wasn't lillie's 1st Christmas
she was a little over a month at this time last year
but the thing is...
she kind of did only things that involved liquids
like peeing, pooping, drinking milk
and sleeping
which sometimes involved drool, so i'm counting it with the liquids
and it was awesome to be able to hold her and share her with the world,
but this christmas was just so much...
more laughter, more presents, more mischief
{it also helps that i wasn't out for the count with mastitis and a breast abscess}
she loves tearing up paper, so between her birthday and this
she's been more than happy, she's been ecstatic
and since this, we've caught her tearing up more than her fair share of magazines
i'm actually off for a little over a week during the holidays 
and it was wonderful getting to spend so much time with the kiddo
and first things first, we went to see Santa
we waited in line for nearly 2 1/2 hours
and i was worried without her afternoon nap
that this was not going to go our way
but as you can see
she, once again, hammed it up despite everything working against us
her ear drum even ruptured after this 
yes, i said ruptured
and she was all smiles and giggles
with no concern as to what this was doing to either of her parents
{in case you're wondering,
i'm pretty sure i've recovered from the stroke i had upon this discovery}
but other than that little hiccup
it was a great break
we were productive enough to go through our closets
{to make room for some things we aren't quite ready to part with in case we decide to expand our family any time soon}
donate 4 boxes to Salvation Army
send 3 to my niece, Ayana
Beyond adorable, am i right?
and somehow managed to celebrate Christmas 5 times
(the mother-in-law, the father-in-law, the godparents, my family & just the lehmann household)
without going broke or losing too much sleep
a Christmas Miracle, if you ask me
it was a wonderful way to end the year
and has me so excited for 2012
and my sister planning on visiting
{i haven't seen her in nearly 2 years!}
i think it's gonna be one heck of a year

Baby Schmaby

there's this thing that happens when people see/meet your kid
they ask questions
usually normal things that should in no way bother you
they're just curious
and as any mom or dad knows you just smile, answer and move on
unless of course, this question is coming from another parent
or someone who knows roughly the timing on when kids should start doing things
like talking. or sitting. or in our case, walking.
so, when this question would inevitably come up in conversation
i'd just smile and say she's a lazy whore
ok, fine, i didn't say whore
because that's not appropriate
{fine sometimes i said it in my head...or out loud with my bff, Emilie, who totally understands my warped sense of humor and doesn't judge me}
and to be honest, i'm fine with the kid not walking yet
if she wants to speed crawl everywhere
get your freaking groove on girlfriend
that's less bumps and spills i have to worry about
not to mention she's started this thing where she crawls backwards
{her name over the holiday break was crayfish, ha}
and it's adorable as fuck
and so, much like my pregnancy i figured if i stopped harassing her
that eventually she would do what she needed/wanted to do
so, i did
but that didn't mean Granny & Pap Paw did
and finally after months of trying
they figured it out
yep, she loves the candy
and on January 5, 2012 she wanted it bad enough to take her first steps
and at 5:30 pm when i went to pick her up
i don't honestly know if i've ever witnessed her that happy
and that proud
and that beautiful
in the moment when she walked to her Granny
turned her beautiful strawberry blonde head to me 
and smiled as large as her chubby cheeks would allow her
as if to say
mom, you can stop telling Aunt Emilie i'm a lazy whore now, i can walk!
{as a side note, i may want to look into cleaning my language up...}
and you can bet your ass this proud mama got it on video
{i didn't say i was going to clean it up now}
baby schmaby, she's a toddler now!
she gets a good 5-6 steps in around 1:10 
and if you notice at the very beginning she keeps cheesing at me
because she thinks i'm taking her picture
yeah, she's kind of the definition of a ham
and for the life of us, we have no idea where she picked it up from...