Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Resolutions

i did fairly well in 2011
but hope to be better in 2012
{don't we all!}
which is why you'll notice my resolutions are..
well, kind of vague

*weigh less than i do now*
even if that's only by 1 lb
i know, it seems a lot safer and easier than saying my goal weight
{which is what i had for last year}
my self-esteem can only take so much
and putting the expectation of being high-school thin again
on a body that's had a baby
{and effing loves her some oreos}
well, it takes a toll on a girl
and on a relationship
and i'm over that
i've had a year to whine
it's time to shit or get off the pot

*read more*
so, i'm kind of obsessed with books
i always have been
i love reading
but this past year, i think i may have read... maybe two
as opposed to my normal 20 something
and it's not okay
i miss it
and this year, as much as i love being a mom
and a wife
i've realized that doing everything
is practically impossible
i'm not perfect
but i'm closer to it when i get a little 'me' time
and reading, that's the best me time i can give me

*write more*
my husband knew i wrote
he was aware of this blog
but up until a few weeks ago
i had never actually had him read anything i wrote
just little excerpts here and there
and one day he was like what is this post about Lillie
and i was like 'which one'
and he was like they were talking about it at work
so he read it
and loved it
and immediately said
why the hell aren't you doing this for a living?
and i said, you know what 
why aren't i?
and then i'm fairly certain he got laid
just saying.

*create more*
so, i like to be crafty
but when you divvy up your time
between mom, wife, maid, laundry fairy, bringer home of some of the bacon 40+ hrs a week
well, being crafty gets put on the back burner
which sucks
because i love creating things
and i hope by being an example to lillie
she'll grow up choosing creativity and individuality
over television and conformity

so, if you'll keep your fingers crossed for me, 
i'll keep my size 11 feet crossed for you
{and that's a lot of luck - have you seen my skis?}
so i expect all 10 of your fingers crossed

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