Monday, January 30, 2012

hi baby best friend

it's been a long journey for you
because you see,
you've been in our hearts for a very long time
but things just weren't quite right yet for you
to settle in to your mom's belly
there were tears
{oh, were there tears!}
and there were laughs
{to probably cover up the tears}
and there were nights when all we could do was just imagine the day
when peeing on a stick made everything -
every temperature taken
every doctor visit
every feeling of punching other
pregnant people in the face -
completely worth it
because baby best friend
you've chosen the perfect parents
you've chosen our best friends
emilie & justin
two of the most hilarious, caring, amazing people
i've had the joy of sharing my own kid with
my own life with even
alfred and i can't wait to hold you
to tell you terribly embarrassing stories of your parents
in their younger days
{put my boot on!}
and to be witness to the wonderful human being 
we already know you'll be
you are a blessing
something we will tell you
every day for the rest of your life
because you made your mom and dad's dreams come true
you made them parents
job well done, little one, job well done indeed.

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