Friday, January 20, 2012

Be Adorable

unless you're familiar with kids
or have them yourself
you really don't realize how smart they can be
how quickly they pick up things
how they can use their cuteness for evil
which is what i'm certain lillie's newest trick
will be used for
"be adorable"
those two little words evoke
an innocent cheesing grin and shoulder roll almost instantly from my 14 month old
{14 months, wtf, really?!}
she even managed to do it mid-fake cry the other night
unfortunately, we didn't have time to get that on camera
because we were laughing so hard
which, of course, just made her do it more
but while we were playing the other night
{{with a box - nothing but the best for my baby}}
she did cooperate
kind of
{{you know, when she wasn't worried about stepping in or out of the box}}
i think we may be in for a looonngg 18 years...

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