Thursday, November 12, 2015

Variety. The Spice of Blogging.

People in my real life will sometimes remind me that I use to blog (or at least blog regularly). They may make a comment about a previous post or after telling a story they’ll say, “Hey, you should write or blog or something” and then I’m like, well, aren’t I an asshole for not doing just that. I mean, come on Tam, give the people what they want!

And then I read a post by Amanda (The Lady Okie) where she mentioned not if she’ll quit blogging but when will that time come. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that time to come. Although much like Amanda, I can’t imagine doing this when I’m an 80 year old woman.

Unless of course I were Betty White. She can seriously do no wrong. And neither can sliced bread.

Betty White

I think I’ve struggled posting regularly because running was the primary focus of this blog. And it kind of hasn’t been happening as much for me lately. I’ve slowed down quite a bit on my running and have been doing other things (lifting weights, HIIT workouts, Tabata, fitness DVDs, etc). I’m not a gym selfie junkie, or a personal trainer, or have any real accreditation to dole out advice – so I have a hard time figuring out how to share that without coming across as a pretentious dickhole.

So, instead, I figure I’ll just be a pretentious dickhole about a variety of other things and make my blog a little more rounded (and likely still include some fitness stuff as well).

Variety subject #1: My kid. Who is amazingly talented. Proof below.

Exhibit A:  She can eat a donut off a string.

Do-nut eat me!

Exhibit B: She can wield a sword larger than her body.

Ren Fest 2015

Variety Subject #2: Me! And things not always related to fitness.

Exhibit A: Beauty stuffs. Like hair changes and lipstick obsessions.


Exhibit B: Catching fish.
(Honestly, I’m not sure how often this will come up but you know, just in case.)


Variety Subject #3: Uh, variety?
(and reasons to post pictures that I forget to post on social media and
feel like it’s too late to do once the moment has passed)

Exhibit A: Mmm. Slurpees.


Exhibit B: This happens more than I care to admit.


Until I blog again.




PS. Dickhole.

Double PS. Sorry, I felt like I had to say it again because it’s really make me giggle at how many times I’m saying it.