Like many people out there, I've struggled with my weight. Growing up I was 'naturally' thin and was never taught how to eat healthy or be healthy. When I became an adult with beer as my main source of protein, the scale went up. Then as I became a married adult, it increased some more. Finally, I became a parent and I drowned my sorrows in Oreos. Bless their sweet creamy goodness.

This is my journey.

  • Weighthate
    • My original post where I post my actual weight and how I'm finally proud of it.
  • Chub Rub 
    •  Talking about that blasted friction that rashes up these sexy thighs. 
  • Spandexalicious
    • Bouncing quarters off your ass is possible! 
  • Eff you, Karma.
    • My food relationship. It's not healthy. Literally or "figure"-atively. Hardy-har-har.
  • Fitness Age
    • A non-scale victory of sorts. What 182 lbs of working out looks like as opposed to 182 lbs of, uh, not working out. 

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