• This was my first back-to-back race with the 5k on Saturday & the Half on Sunday. I had signed up for this as part of my marathon training. This is a hilly course that I definitely recommend to anyone interested in visiting Waco, TX! Things I don't recommend: eating bacon at Mile 8.
  •  I literally finished last. Like, the police officer was riding my ass that last mile as I pushed it to the finish line. I used to tell people one of my only goals as a runner was to never be last (the other is to never poop myself) but I've got to say, I dropped 6 minutes off my personal 10k record with this race and being last? Not bad at all. This was my last official training run before my marathon.
  • I trained for months. I gave up time with my husband, my daughter and my friends. I felt ready & my only real goal was to finish. At Mile 23 the weather took a turn for the worse and I was picked up from the course and dropped at the finish line - where they allowed me to cross, so my official time is posted but for me personally, I did not complete it. I'll get my full 26.2 miles - but for now, I'm working on increasing my pace in smaller distances so I can give it my all. The recap is long and really emotional for me (in fact, typing this I almost started crying). Don't say I didn't warn you.
Bearathon -  3:00:31
  • I signed up for this race before I ran my marathon (it was my goal race for the previous year, it holds a special place in my heart) and I was emotionally & mentally drained from the marathon that was only 3 weeks prior. I did not train like I probably should have - as in only running one 2 miler - but I finished about normal for me.
Polish Pickle Run - 39:01
  • I promised to run this with my friend Sunny for her birthday & then we followed it up by going to party in Fort Worth that evening. I ran this race last year and as expected it was hot & humid. I made sure to drink my free beer at the end of the race to combat that - so don't you worry.


Chevron Houston Half-Marathon - 3:00:27 
  • Even though mother nature wanted to literally rain on my parade, I pushed the slutnugget out of the way and made this race my bitch. I beat my previous time by 4 minutes and chapped my ass, but totally worth it. I also raised $275 for The Epilepsy Foundation. Win/Win.
Miracle Match 5k - 40:30
  •  4th year in a row. I don't think I could say no to this, even if I wanted too. After the run, Emilie & Lauren and I regained all our calories lost in margaritas and chips & salsa.
Love the Run You're With 5k - 38:59
  • I finally, finally made it back into the 30ish time frame! Incredibly pleased with my time & how hard I pushed on it. Huge props to my friend Sunny who ran it in 27 minutes [say whaaa?] and ran the last .1 miles with me to the finish line.

Gut Pak Run - 29:12
  • Sometimes all you want to do is run a mile, eat a Frito Pie on steroids, and run a mile back without puking. Nothing like burning off calories while you're still digesting them!
Bearathon Half-Marathon - 2:57:07 
  • The race I worked for since beginning this running journey. I was an emotional hot-ass mess as I crossed the finish line. It seemed appropriate to make a video to share my hot-ass messiness with the world.
Donkey Dash 5k - 36:11
  • Hung-over in 70 degree humid Texas weather apparently means you're going to kill it. I'm officially an average runner! I like to think the miniature donkeys had something to do with it.
Mudquest 3.5 miles -1:30:00ish
  • I'm kind of in love with mud runs even if I do bust my ass (on video). Ran this with my friends Sarah & Christine and it was tough. I had bruises galore but they were all worth it. I'm on a mission to convince the husband he needs to do one with me - so far, no luck. I should probably invest in more beer for him (drunk people agree to anything, no?)
Polish Pickle Run 5k - 37:35
  • No timing chip in my race bag, so it's my unofficial Garmin time. It's no PR but considering the heat, I'll take it!  
Color It Up 5k - 41:54
  • 90 humid degrees and a much slower pace than I've been doing lately but eh, it's all about the experience, right? And it was a great one!
Hot 2 Trot 5k - 38:29
  • I ran this in 2012 and had a horrible, horrible experience so I wanted to come back in 2013 to prove to myself it doesn't have to be that way. I ran a 4 minute course PR and the hills I hated in 2012, well, they felt like nothing in comparison to some of the other runs I've raced since then. Overall, it was a hot, sweaty, wonderful experience!
Electric Run 5k (Austin, TX) - No Official Time
  • I ran this with my two SILs (Lisa & Anita) and our friend, Karri. I actually had strep throat but didn't want to ruin our girls weekend, so we mostly just walked it & laughed it up. Except Karri went hardcore & had a mini-race with an Amazonian girl who was upset at our attempt at photobombing them earlier in the race. We like to keep it real.

Color Me Rad 5k- No Official Time

  • Had a great time flying through colors with my friends!

The Great Zoo Stampede 10k - 1:20:17
  • Going into this race I felt really underprepared, even though I [apparently] wasn't seeing as I PRed! It was a beautiful day and while I didn't see a wombat (like I did last year) I did get cawed at by a bunch of giant birds. So, there's that. 
Jingle Bun Run Half-Marathon - 3:01:30

  • I found someone (Hi Court!) who runs about the same pace as me so this was my first real venture into running with someone. We had a great time talking & enjoying the race. It was put on by Scholotzky's so the medals have a giant bun on them. Totes worth it.


    Miracle Match 5k - 49:13

    • I signed up just because I had done it previously. I didn't take it seriously enough and after 2011: The Year of Unhealthy; I grossly overestimated my ability to run 3.1 miles. It was miserable and I felt like a failure considering my previous times, so much so that I didn't even mention my time in my blog post about it. It sucked, but seeing how far I had fallen is what pushed me to turn 2012 around. 
    Bearathon 5k - 40:27

    • I made an attempt to work hard at improving my 5k time from January and I was beyond pleased to see I had dropped it by nearly 9 minutes. I had officially caught the running bug.
     Muquest Mud Run - 50:00ish
    •  My first run in the mud. They sold me with 2 free beers at the end. It wasn't timed, but it was definitely more difficult than I expected. I had a great time with my friends, Marcie & Christine, who I conned into running with me.
    Stiletto Stampede 100 yd dash - not timed
    • A crap-ton of pink, beautiful shoes everywhere and benefiting breast cancer - how could I say no?
    Hot 2 Trot 5k - 42:45

    •  Worst.run.ever. There were a couple of hills I wasn't prepared for, and it was hot. Before I even began running sweat was dripping down my back. This was my first lesson in hydration. Do it. I have every intention of doing it again in 2013 to prove to myself I can get a better time [and have a better time!]
    For the Run of It 10k -1:24:04
    • My first 6.2 miles ever. It was a wonderful experience. From the weather, to the people. This was the first race my husband attended and I think the first time he realized that I was serious about running. After the race, we immediately went to What-a-burger where I downed a double meat cheeseburger. I'm a classy runner.
    The Great Zoo Stampede 10k -  1:21:56
    • I ran through the zoo! But mostly it was through hills. Which make my legs very, very angry. Despite that, I still managed to improve my time. They have a kids run right before the 5k/10k event, I'm hoping Lillie will want to do this in 2013. What? It's totally normal for a mom to push things on to her daughter, right? A girl can hope, right? RIGHT? 
    Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Las Vegas -  3:04:27
    • I ran 13.1 miles in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful runcation and a great way to end 2012. I went from barely making it through a 5k, to running 13.1 miles in Sin City in less than a year. Feeling accomplished doesn't even begin to describe the emotions I felt in the moment I crossed the finish line.


    Miracle Match 5k - 38:00ish.

    • I can't find my exact time. I remember being proud that it wasn't crazy far off from my previous year's time even though I had just had my daughter in November. I ran it with my friend Lauren, who did a cartwheel at the half-way mark. She totally showed those cheerleaders up.

    Miracle Match 5k - 34:14
    [Personal Record 5k]
    • This was my very first race ever. I don't know why I decided to sign up, other than to see if I could do one. I had recently lost some weight and was looking to increase my activity. I was fortunate enough to have 3 friends do it with me that helped with the motivation. Since becoming a runner, I have not even come close to making this time again. Le sigh.

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