Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Miracle Match 5k

This was my 4th year to participate in this particular 5k. My first time was back in 2010 with 3 of my co-workers and I think the only reason I signed up for it was to see if I could. I mean, 3.1 miles – that’s FOR.EV.ER. I was about 30 lbs thinner then than I am now, so even though I didn’t realize it – I was fast [compared to me now]. My time in 2010 was 34:14. My times in 2012 were never lower than 40 minutes. Sigh.

I had really planned on pushing myself to get into the 30 minute time range and I felt like I did. However, my official race time does not reflect how I felt and what my Garmin watch told me.

Official time: 40:30.

And I can’t really dispute it because instead of shutting off my fancy watch when I crossed the finish line, I forgot about it. So, this happened…MM timeline_editBut you can see my miles were in the 12 minute range [hello resolution!] What what! I’m lucky to be pushing 13 most of the time, so I’m thrilled with this even if my official time doesn’t feel right. I’m not really certain what happened, but it did. So, no point in crying over minutes lost.

This race wasn’t initially meant to be about time for me anyhow. My Emilie was going to use this race as her platform into running [she’s been training] but then last week the doctor told her “NO NO NO RUNNING” [Something about her meniscus and cartilage gone and she needs knee surgery, sounds like a lot of excuses to me] But walking was fine.

I had planned on running with her, at her pace and just enjoying the fact that I’m slowly wearing My Emilie down into wanting to run. Muwahaha. But when the doc gave her the no-go she gave me the thumbs up to run my large & in charge ass off.  So, the new plan was for me to run, while her and Lauren walked it out and follow-up with a girls day. You know, pawning our adorable kids off with their dads while we shopped & drank margaritas.

IMG_0452 Me, Lauren & My Emilie staying chilly before the start.

Are you curious as to why I’m wearing camo? Oh, it’s simple. It’s because I’m a…IMG_0453 Back in December, I asked for your help on what I should change my bib name too [an option this race gives you to you, which I think is pretty awesome]– there was a tie between this & Tamzilla. I broke it with my personal preference.

I thought it was a cute little outfit. I felt like a badass at least. You know, except that my skirt kept riding up so it looked like I was showing my lady bits to every tom, dick & hairy I came across on the route. What can I say - I like to keep it interesting.

Also, I added a new tab at the top #RunTamRun that lists all my previous & upcoming races. If you see something you’re interested in running and want an opinion on it or if you’re just needing an excuse to drink with me (although, to be fair, I’ll probably throw back a glass with you even if we don’t run) let me know!


meg m said...

you rock dude.
annnnd I love your outfit!

Kate said...

I hate that I haven't done a race in ages. Grad school really kept me from doing any of them.

But I just looked at my results from the last 5k I did in 2010. I ran it in 31:11.
I'm pretty sure they lied just to make me feel better. Because that's a 10:05 min average. and I felt like I was dying last night at a 10:54 min.

I was a bad ass in 2010. Why the hell did I stop running?

Katie said...

You are a rockstar.

I'm tossing around the idea of signing up for an 8K later this year. Uhm, I don't know who I am, but I must be crazy.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I am pretty sure I peed my skort during my first 5K in like the first 30 seconds. So that I say, skort for ever because the pee just ran down my legs and you couldn't even tell. I think. At least nobody laughed. I did get the equivalent to diaper rash.

Sara said...

You rock.

This makes me so excited to start my 5k training! :-) Whoop whoop!

Abbey said...

Love the new tab! I just added a food and fitness tab and I think I completely left my 5k posts out! Not sure how that happened. But I might have to make a race section.

Also, I believe in your garmin.

Also also, you're amazeballs.