Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That’s My Jam


thatsmyjamI’m linking up today with two of my favorite people, Katie from State of Change and Shauna from theAwesomes, to talk…

Boy Bands

I was pumped when I saw the link-up for this. I love me some boy bands. It brings me back to a sweeter time in my childhood when all men danced in sync with each other, wore similar outfits and made me swoon with one little wink. Why can’t all men be this cool?


First up, of course, N’Sync. You were either Backstreet Boys 4 Life or N’Sync…I was more of an N’Sync girl myself. Not that I don’t appreciate the Backstreet gang, I just have this unrealistic expectation that J. Timberlake wants my lady bits.

Why yes, I will be your girlfriend.

Backstreet Boys – I love that they’re called Backstreet, like you’d totally see them in a gang on your way to buy dope or something and they’d deter you from buying with their smooth vocals and amazing dance moves. Backstreet saves lives, my friends.

Blink 182 – I don’t know if you could say they’re a “boy band” because they were a little more alternative than pop, but they’re all boys and I had a poster on my wall – so I’m going to count them.

And don’t you think I forgot about you Hanson. You mmmbopped your way into my heart and have never left. Like seriously, you’re always on my running playlists.

What was your favorite boy band? Or is? Or did you despise boy bandness with every fiber of your being?

Because if so, I’d like to know how – I mean, that shit is catchy. I don’t think I could say no to one of their tunes even if I tried.


Shauna said...

I've seen Blink 182 more than a couple times in concert and they're really good!

Kate said...

I looooathed Hanson. I'm not sure why, but I hated hem so much. Even back then.

But Blink 182 were my boys! Loved 'em.

Sara said...

Ahhh Hanson, boy band goodness at its finest. That shit is hilarious to watch and listen to now.

However, I may/may not be jamming to this crap as we speak...I'll let you make the call.

Katie said...

You mean, Justin Timberlake doesn't want my ladybits?

Good call including Blink 182. They made me want a boyfriend with tattoos and facial piercings. Never a bad thing.

Breenah said...

Based on this post alone, we could be besties.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I may or may not own a record from a band called Five.

I also bought The Wanted's album.


Annie said...

I'm in the other camp...BACKSTREET BOYS!

But I did admit I liked a few NSYNC songs though, bahahaha! 98 Degrees were a favorite, too ;)

Karenna said...

Awww I'm glad you added Blink 182! I haven't thought about them in forever! :) I love all of these songs

The Cavallaro's said...

DId you hear that 98 degrees is touring with Boys II Men and New Kids on the Block?!?! Reminded me of old school boy bands... It's crazy how different music has beccome since then...