Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in Review

I’ve seen this on a few blogs I read and think it’s a great idea to recap what happened over this past year. So here goes the link overload.


I can’t believe it’s just been a year since my baby took her first real steps, but she did and now there’s no stopping her. Ever. Seriously, she runs every where and if I wasn’t so proud of her, I’d say it was ridiculous. I was also ecstatic to share with the world that My Emilie was finally pregnant so I wrote this little letter for our future Tanner. And little did I know but January was the start of something great for me – it was the beginning of this love I found nestled inside my running shoes.


I talked about something that has been plaguing our nation for years and yet no one seems to notice. Probably because it only happens to those of us have had babies removed from our womb in some way. But it’s a serious situation and we should all be aware. I also got a little creative with a free bookcase my mother-in-law gave me.granny-pantiesMarch

My daughter called me out for farting and then bravely followed the embarrassment up with a nice repeat of the word dildo. In order to get Lillie back though, I forced her to wear my size 11 clodhoppers.  Once I realized the trauma I was forcing my little girl to endure by wearing shoes that were bigger than her body, I made it up by making Edible Fingerpaints for her to enjoy. I followed the month up by going to the Houston Rodeo with two amazing ladies, Justin & Emilie and my new best friend, Reba McEntire.


I attempted to run outside in our back pasture which happened to go very smoothly until I got very itchy. Chiggers are little bitches, ‘nuff said. I also participated in a March of Dimes walk with Lillie, My Emilie, her mama and two nieces. We followed the day up with shopping and good Mexican food. No complaints on that day. My Lillie managed to get her hands on my camera and I talked about the dreaded baby fever that was consuming my loins. I also participated in my first Mud Run with my friends, Christine & Marcie! I’m hoping to do it again this May if anyone is interested :) And then to top the month off I ran in 5 inch stilettos. I know, sounds cray-cray but it was for a great cause and I had some bitching shoes to sport. Win-Win.1-Stiletto Stampede - blog1


I got all Pinterest happy and decided to make a Redneck Waterbed for Lillie. But turns out I didn’t have to do all that since she’s just fine running through sprinklers with Daddy. I cried when Emilie called me to say she was having a boy. And we bought a boat that says Aquaholic on the side. [Classy, I know.] And totally took our kid on a tube ride in a lake infested with Justin’s.  I also really started working out with Moj who introduced me to Burpee’s (they are the devil incarnate) and I started the Insanity workouts (that I didn’t finish. Stopped after a month to train for my first 10k.) But I think what made this month most memorable was that I got into some pre-Lillie jeans – Buttoned, Bitches. 5-25-2013June

I won a blogger award! I made Stuffed Acorn Squash! We went to Sea World! Noodling in Texas! I won a lottery!



I participated in a 15 Day Challenge where I probably shared too much information. Thanks to that challenge I actually had 20 posts (a record for me!) in one month. Lillie’s poop went rogue on us at My Emilie’s house. I ran the worst 5k ever (3.1 miles in Texas in July? I’m a moron.) I also created my first training plan ever for my first 10k ever.Hot 2 Trot 5k 2012-002


I sucked it up and went to an actual store for runners to buy a new pair of shoes where they confirmed that I do, indeed, have man feet.  But then I started crying while running on the treadmill, so maybe they were soaked in babies instead of men. I celebrated my 27th birthday and my 7th anniversary.20120819190508


I ran my very first 10k and didn’t die. I decided to be fancy and put a grocery sack in my very tall new boots. My Emilie guest posted for me because she’s the bombdizzle, yo.IMG_20120908_094555October

I became increasingly pissed off as my ankle swelled up to the size of a grapefruit which forced me to bring sexy back – boot style. I talked about fish and my favorite holiday – Halloween. And then I informed you fantastic people about how I was going to Vegas, not for vacation but for a #runcation!20121005120125November

I dreamed about my upcoming second 10k. It involved zombies. Then I ran my second 10k through a zoo (no zombies, but there was a wombat) and a bunch of hills that made me want to punch kittens. Our Lillie turned the big T-W-O, I expressed my thanks & Black Friday went on without a hitch.DSC02228


I ended this year in a way I never thought I would – I ran 13.1 miles in Las Vegas and loved every minute of it. #RunTamRun. Except for those minutes in mile 12. Those minutes can kiss my ass. After my runners high, I took a little break over the Christmas Holiday from blogging to be more in the present for my Lillie while I was off work (also, it sucks blogging over a phone) and asked you lovely people what I should put on my race bib for an upcoming 5k at the end of January. There was a tie, I broke it with my personal preference and will let y’all know when it comes race day! 724967-1290-0038s

Looking back on these posts written throughout this past year and seeing where I started and where I’ve gone and what I’ve done…I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds. Here’s to hoping for more running, less of my daughter’s bowel movements and as much laughter as possible.iPhone 1.3.13 038  Celebrating the beginning of 2013! (Yes, she actually stayed up the entire time!)


Abbey said...

Tamara's goals for 2013:

Run a race with Abbey. Probably in Oklahoma.

Get a little crazy with Abbey. Probably in Oklahoma and probably with alcohol and probably with disapproving, confused looks from Alfred and Pat.

Adopt Abbey into her family.

The end.

Sara said...

Sounds like a badass year, my friend.

I wanted to do a post like this, but my life is definitely not that interesting, unless you want to hear about how my butt went numb from sitting on the couch too long. And yes, that happens often. ;-)

Shauna said...

Running in stilettos! Brave girl!! I like Abbey's goals for you!

meg m said...

I'm obsessed with that video of Lillie!
first of her cheese is killing me. like seriously unreal.
also your husbands (I'm assuming that's the boy) cheering makes me so happy.
the entire time he never stops!
okay I just got to January haha I gotta go read more.

meg m said...

k I'm back.
I love everything about this post and I know have 8 tabs open because yes, you did go a little linky crazy!
your family rocks and I can't get over Lillie's smile in the last pic, priceless.

Amanda said...

your life is awesome. Like, it inspires awe in me. I want it.