Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thursday: What’s in my purse?


I decided to be ballsy this week with the Random Thursday topic and actually put myself on video. [Meg did too!]

A vlog, if you will [or a vlüg – you’ll understand if you watch]

I had originally planned on having my hair & makeup suitable for public consumption but then I thought better of it. I mean, who wants to see another pretty girl in front of the camera when you can see a very average girl instead?

Totally better, right? right?!

Anywho, I’m pretty wordy & have a huge-ass purse, so watch at your own risk.

Oh, and sound off and let me know if you like the vlüg style and I may attempt at making it a regular thing!


Genna said...

Less than 70 degrees, hilarious! It's 17 in Ohio right now and I'm wearing mittens lol.

Karah Marshall said...

"Wha'ts up? I got a messenger bag now!" Lol. You're so funny, Tamara.

Sara said...

You crack my ass up....especially when you called Sar your drug

Katrin said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I enjoy vlogs so much and it was so much fun to see you talking and to find out what is in your purse. I should do a vlog too someday. It looks like fun.

Sar said...

Bwaaaahahaha I am soooo in love with you.

-Your Drug Lord

Kate said...

I want to be best friends.

Katie said...

I love you to pieces. Our next level friendship is now to the next next level.

Also, you should probably just eat that candy as I am currently eating a chocolate covered marshmallow. I have no good excuse. Besides that I love them. The end.

Abbey said...

Me to Pat: We might meet her!"Who is that?" Tamara. "What's a Tamara?" Blog friend. Running friend. We might run in Oklahoma.

Two minutes later...
"Hey! You got talked about!!!"

He was excited.

Also, the baby fork for baby oranges made me laugh so much I cried.

Lin said...

Holy shit girl, your purse is more like a duffle bag. Love that it can be turned into a messenger bag though, it's so versatile haha.

Gotta give you major props on looking good. Nothing worse than loving someones blog & then seeing them in a video looking like a goddamn train wreck. And I gotta admit that the baby glasses totally suit you more than your normal ones. You definitely need to sport those around instead ;)