Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 5.31.12

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{1} This crazy, fun weather Texas is having is wrecking havoc on my weirdly natural wavy hair. Which I'm still getting used too. I got it cut/highlighted last Saturday by a wonderful stylist {and person!} Johanna.

If you're in the Waco/Central Texas area and are looking for a new 'do. Let me know, I'll hook you up with her info. Also, she's gorgeous - and you know good and well you judge your hair stylist by how well they look! I know I do. {Don't judge me.}
{2}The husband went camping/hung out on the lake with a good buddy who only manages to come back home a few days every few months {due to his job} last night. Whenever he's not home, I have a hard time falling asleep but when I finally do go to sleep - sweet baby Jesus I love not sharing a bed. IT.IS.MAGICAL.

{3}I'm still doing my Insanity workouts. They're still the debil. And I'm being slowly converted over to the dark-side of actually enjoying working out as I've officially lost 7 inches now. I am *planning* on sharing more about my weight loss/getting healthy journey soon.  The thought of posting my actual weight is terrifying, but well, I'll get more into my feelings in a later post.
Which also may or may not involve a video of me huffing/puffing through Insanity. But, after mentioning it to Abbey over at Finding My Forever {great blog, my friends, check it out!}in a really great email exchange the other day about how no one can be cute doing these  moves, I think it's time I prove that theory right. Seriously, people, I look like a whale who stubbed his fin on a coral reef while chasing down a school of fish. Not pretty. Not pretty, at all. I also had a lot of questions about the program from my Buttoned, Bitches post - so hopefully, I'll have something together next week.

{4}I have started to not put up my clean laundry. Which for me means it is time to clear out space in my closet/dressers because I hate having to squish down with all of my weight to fit in So, Lillie and I for the past two days have been going through my clothes. I'd say she has been helpful, but well, she's 18 months. And her definition of help is not the same as mine.
stealing clothes from one of the many piles to 'try' on.
But even though I just did this a few months ago, I managed to be more realistic and get 3 bags to the Goodwill this afternoon. And I also found out that I have two more pair of pre-Lillie jeans I can add to my wardrobe. Ain't nothing like shopping for free, am I right folks? 

Here's to another day down to Friday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect it.
Or in my case, when you decide not to be a major B because you're kid has already had their bath for the evening and it was very nearly her bed time and your husband fails to recognize that happy kids go to bed at a normal time...that's when you sometimes discover that being that mom isn't always worth the argument especially when you see how happy it makes your family.
Pretending the water is cutting his arm off. Should we be disturbed that she thinks it's funny?
Chubby baby legs make every mother's heart melt. Seriously, mine is goo right now.
She has my dance moves. Poor girl.
 But how do you know if it's worth it?
When she stops what she's doing. Looks up to lock eyes with you and then drags you out there with her because she wants to be with you. She wants to have fun with you. She wants to share her life with you.
This angle actually makes my feet look small. SCORE.
Being a mom isn't always glorious (poop stains anyone?), it isn't high-paying (uh, never!), and you have no idea if you're ever doing a good job or not... But if it is one thing, it's always entertaining.
No, I ♥ you more than cupcakes!

Friday, May 25, 2012


I try not to riddle my blog with awesome pictures of me and only me. Not because I don't think I'm awesome, because dudes, seriously look at me - I'm amazeballs! But because I'm usually the one behind the camera. And I'm not entirely a fan of the whole "Hey, look at me, I'm in a mirror and posing and look I can do a kissy face!" It just makes me feel weird. Unless I'm drunk. And then fo'rizzles the camera is my veryyy best friend. I am not always proud of it. Because beer makes you a moron. But that's just a plain and simple fact.
Mindi looks great. I look like I'm trying to give myself a hernia.
But, still, this is worth bragging about. And I'm thinking soon I'll share my struggle with weight gain/loss and how chips and salsa are my one true love and also my very worst enemy. But until then, and for the time being, all I got to say is
Why, yes, that is a Muggle shirt.
These are  pre-Lillie jeans that I could not button up a month or so ago. The scale is being a whore-face and not moving, but this, buttoning up these Silver jeans {my favorites, at that!} totally trumps the scale bar-freaking-none.
And yes, you can tell me my hair is looking like a frizzyassmess - because there's no denying that.
But even more than that, you can totally tell me my butt looks uh-may-zing - because the proof is in the picture my friends.

Oh before I go, wish me luck that the new jeans help initiate The Fever in my husband. {wink, wink}
I hope you all are getting ready to have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. I know I will.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 5.24.12

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{1} You know you have an amazing boss when she recommends you take off an extra day to make a 3 day weekend into a 4 day one. And you know, she's even more amazing when you think "But, no, then you'd have to do twice the work and I don't want to do that to you!" I complain sometimes, but I really am so grateful to be in the position I am.

{2}Please send prayers out to a local family whose father was fatally shot last night. I'm lucky enough to have known him for a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

{3} I missed my workout yesterday evening because I've been doing the old-man shuffle for the past couple of days after working out with Moj on Monday. So after a couple of iced calves and way too many tacos yesterday, I'm ready to get back on the Insanity train. {I may post before and after pictures, but uh, I don't know if I'm there mentally yet.}

{4}I'm also thinking of doing a 10k at the end of June in Harker Heights, anyone know anything about it? I can't find a lot of information except day and time. It's called Race to Read.

{5} Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am! No serious plans but am so glad we don't have any. Well, I take that back. I don't have plans. My husband and his husband {best bud, Justin} will be fishing Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday as he made sure to inform me of last night at least 4 times. Sigh. 

Thank goodness it's almost Friday, friends!

Turkey Meatloaf

Don't leave because I mentioned turkey and meatloaf in one place!
Turkey products can get a bad wrap from ground meat lovers real quick-like {trust me I know, I was one!}, but just stick with me. I promise you - this recipe is worth it. Before I get started, I'd like to give a quick shout-out to my friend Moj {and personal torturer} who gave me the initial recipe, I've tweaked it only slightly for my personal enjoyment. {and hopefully for yours now too!}

Background: I like meat. Actually, it's pretty much safe to say I love it. That's what she said! I am a pure-bred Texan after all.
Well, a few years ago, I lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers - I'm not on it now, but I definitely recommend this program to anyone who talks about it - and while doing that I was also into eating healthier. I kept hearing about turkey-this, turkey-that, and so I attempted the dreaded Turkey Burgers {yuck!} and Turkey Meatloaf {double-yuck!}. They did not work out. So, I nixed the idea and never really thought about it again.
Until a couple months ago when Moj made some and brought it up to work. I couldn't be rude and say, "Uh, this is CRAP." Especially after all the great pointers and support she's given me with this 'healthy-lifestyle' I've been attempting.
But to my surprise, I really liked it. Turns out, it's all in the making of it. Who knew, right? And if you want to be healthier and want good recipes - ask people who live the life. Not just Google. {Sorry, Google, you're still my number one source of info, I swear!}
I was so worried about it the first time, I made a regular meatloaf too. The husband actually preferred the turkey. I may or may not have yelled at him for a few minutes for making fun of me until he may or may not have convinced me he was serious. {He had 3 servings.}I've made it a few times since then, and each time it gets better {tweak, tweak}- not just for me, but also for my husband!
So, enough about me and my feelings about the bad-wrap turkey meatloaf - try it for yourself and let me know how you like it!

  • 1 lb Ground Turkey
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats {I'm not exactly sure what 'rolled' is. But you can see what I used in the picture above. Seems right to me.}
    I've also used the pre-packaged oatmeal before too - never the apples & cinnamon flavor, but hey, maybe next time, right?

  •  Chopped onion
  • 1/2 cup non-fat plain yogurt {I think this one is very important because it keeps it moist, so don't forget it. Seriously, I think this is the reason why I didn't like my recipes years ago.}
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tsp turmeric {this can kind of give your loaf - haha, loaf...- a yellow tint, no worries though, just imagine it's sunshine}
  • Salt, pepper, seasoned salt, garlic powder, really whatever you want to add to it. 
1.Preheat oven to 350°.
2. Mix all ingredients together. I used a fork to do that. Because I'm classy. But I've also let Lillie help me, she likes 'shaking' the spices and squishing the meat. {She was in bed during this loaf-fest. And the husband was on the couch laughing at me for taking pictures. He doesn't understand the concept of amazing bloggery.}

3. Add any 'secret' ingredients you'd like. I thought about boogers. But well, Cajun spices trumped it.
Amazon hands.
4. Once mixed well, squish in a small pan. I think mine was 6x9. I sprayed some PAM on there too.
5. Put it in the oven for about 1 1/2 hours - or until done. {duh, right?}

Not the most appealing picture, but hey, I'm no photographer.
I'm barely even a cook.
6. Load up your plate with awesome goodies {thanks to the in-laws and Lilz Godparents for all the fresh veggies!} and enjoy!

Let me know how it works out for you, or if you have any recipes you'd like to share - I'm always looking for something new to try - I'd love to hear from you. Find me here.

Happy Eating!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Monday 5.21.12

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Dear Monday,  you came too early this morning. Which explains my hair is a hot-ass mess and I forgot deodorant. How does that even happen?? And why are people falling over when I pass them?

Dear Stairs, I decided to be an over-achiever at lunch and go up 4 flights of stairs, back down 4 flights of stairs, do 10 burpees and then start all over again for 45 fracking minutes. Who thought this would be a good idea? Oh yeah, Moj, did. My calves have not stopped screaming obscenities at you. Which is very awkward when you're walking down the hall of a Christian school. Very awkward indeed.
 If you're not familiar with burpees, you are a lucky, lucky individual.

Dear Weekend, It was wonderful seeing you. Spending time with you. Making sweet, sweet lov...err, oops, got a little carried away. But seriously, being able to spend time with the hubby Friday sans baby {even if we did pass out at 9pm} was wonderful. And being able to chill with the in-laws Saturday at a 50th Anniversary party was so much fun {especially when they told me I was getting too skinny. SCORE!} Witnessing two people that truly have made a commitment to a partner they cherish and love is wonderful to see.

Dear Insanity, you make me want to punch baby kittens in the face for at least 40 minutes every day, but it's true what they say - you stick with it, you'll get results quicker than a mo-fo. 5 lbs down in a week, I'll take it!

Dear Husband, I live and love to pester you. Thanks for not divorcing me after our Saturday morning run to the big city of Waco where I refused to be serious and kept turning everything into a song. ♪♫ We're going to the bank, we're going to the bank...ohhhh, the bank!♪♫

Dear Lillie,  how are you already 18 months? Stop growing. You're making mama feel old.
Lillie this time last year. *sigh*
I hope your week is full of life, laughter and love...and cupcakes, because damn, cupcakes be goooood!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diving Into The Deep End

Last week I mentioned we dove into the deep end and bought ourselves a fancy new boat. Okay, fine, it's not new new but it is to us. {That's all that really matters though, right?}
We actually live only a few miles from our local lake, and with it being fairly small, it's the perfect size for say- one incredibly paranoid mom that feels like every little wave will topple the boat over so we can all silently sink to our doom in the watery abyss - to get a little more comfy on. It came with a tube and a knee board, so we, of course had to test those situations out. Even the kid got in on the fun {at a very much snail pace of a speed.}
Can you see her little hand waving? ha!
Seeing how excited and how much she loved not only the tube {we shouldn't be surprised, she loves the golf cart & four-wheelers!} just helped solidify our judgement call on buying the boat. Don't you just love it when that happens? Using our kids as an excuse to get our own toys - gawd, it's great being a parent sometimes.
However, we may have to find a different lake to ride in. It's kind of freaky, but the fish out here - well, they're kind of big. And they love strawberries. And they go by the name of Justin. And...well, just watch and see.

It's going to be one interesting summer to say the least. You just never know what's going to happen when you get a group of rednecks together!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Monday 5.7.12

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Dear Monday, you have been so quiet, so why have you given me a pounding headache all day? I really don't need it, so you can take it back whenever you like. Seriously, it's okay. I don't want it anymore.

Dear Tanning Bed, I know I shouldn't use you, but man, oh man, do you make the best 10 minute naps a girl could ever hope for or what?

Dear Blue Jeans, you are loose on me. Thanks for reminding me that the number on the scale shouldn't always dictate how I feel about myself.

Dear Alfred, the fact that you think your farmer's tan (that you've been working on for 20+ years) has miraculously blended into your upper arm from one week on a boat makes me love you just that much more. Your ability to just be yourself and love all that life has blessed you with, makes you an amazing man and even more amazing father.
Drinking a cold one with dad on the tube.
Dear Lillie, I hate that you refused to eat in your high chair on Sunday because Mom was trying to get some things done around the house. But then when you pulled my finger {insert fart joke here}down to sit on the floor and enjoy your bowl of fruit with you - how could I resist?
being crazy and eating off the floor
Here's to a wonderful week my friends!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 5.3.12

link up with Sar at [life of love]

{1}I actually woke up this morning and tried to convince myself it was Friday because I am so excited for this weekend! Between the redneck-themed birthday party we are attending {seriously, there's going to be a 30 foot inflatable water slide, cotton candy machine, & dunk tank} and taking advantage of our new boat. It's going to be one heck of a fun-in-the-sun kinda time.
Yes, yes it does, say Aquaholic on it.
{and you thought I was playing with you about being a redneck. ;) }

{2} Hi students. I promise you as recent graduate I completely understand the pressure you are going through. But calling me 3 times in the past hour asking for an update on a problem that I have no control over - will not get the situation resolved any faster. Slow your roll, dudes, slow your mother-beeping-roll. I gots yo back, just gimme a chance, dawg.

{3} I cried like a baby Tuesday morning. Why? Because after a very long journey, our best friends, Emilie & Justin, found out they are having a boy! And just as friend {and aunt dammit!}if I was that excited {especially considering I kind of don't like kids} I just know he's going to uh-mah-zing and I can't wait to snuggle on him. And force him to marry Lillie...what? Don't judge me.
{4} Emilie stashed away picture of Lillie from a year ago and surprised me with it in my email this morning. I always am excited to go love on my Lilz after work but that photo just made me that much more pumped to go spend some girl time with my fav. Thanks Em, you've sparked that damn Fever again.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Redneck Waterbed Tutorial

Thanks to Play at Home Mom for the idea
I had seen this idea from Play at Home Mom  {a great resource for fun ideas!} and on a few Pinterest boards, and thought - wow, simple and adorable - it's a doer! So, here goes!
Materials: Plastic drop cloth (or something similar) $4
          duct tape $4.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I used a 40% off coupons - score!
Food coloring - already had in the pantry
Sea Shaped Rubber bands $1
Total Cost: around 7 bucks
{but could be totally cheaper if you have any of the products already!}

Step 1: Lay out plastic in a big square. I bought the 3 pack 7 mil, and it was pretty thin, so I doubled it up - hoping it wouldn't pop. I also considered using some of those Hefty trash bags but all I could find were black and I wanted something clear. I think in the post I linked to above she mentioned a tarp. Seriously, anything is a possibility with this.
Step 2: Duct tape all sides and seams {but leave a hole somewhere so you can fill it up with water!}

I chose camouflage duct tape just to add to the Rednecky-ness for this post, and well, because as a self-declared redneck myself - I knew we'd use it for something else.
Also, try to keep your duct tape pieces as long as you can to avoid seams that may not tape close all the way. I used smaller pieces (5-7 inches) not thinking about that and we had a few leaks before we even stepped on it.
Step 3: Fill 'er up! I used the whole little bottle of dye and it hardly made a dent in it once it was all filled up. I also added the little rubber bands, but was kind of pointless in the end since you couldn't see them.
Step 4: This is incredibly important step. Don't forget to do this. While it's filling up and your kid is distracted...
Duct tape their hands and laugh hysterically at them because you're an all powerful adult and really, what other way can you get them back for pooping on you yesterday.
Step 5: Once it's filled up, duct tape the hole closed and have fun! Seriously, that simple!

And it's kind of a double fun craft because once you're done playing on it, you can pop it and play in the water! {It felt amazing with this Texas humidity we've been having lately!}

So, stop staring at the computer and get out there! There's redneckness to be had!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stiletto Stampede

If you read my post yesterday, I posted the above picture asking if you could find me. I'm the giant amazon in the hot pink shirt, pink glasses, black shorts and these fantastic shoes.
I told you they were worth it.
I guess, I should really start out with what exactly this is. {paraphrased from their website - }It's a 100 yard dash in heels to help raise breast cancer awareness. It's based in Austin, Texas {keeping it weird!}and proceeds benefit local Susan G. Komen chapters throughout Texas. They also offer rehabilitation & support groups . This was their first outing to Waco and it was fan-fricking-tastic.
The race itself, really isn't a race at all - if you don't want it to be. I know, the thought of running in heels can be terrifying to some, but you can walk it, you can jog it, heck I'm sure if you wanted to somersault through it - that would be fine too. 
They had a few separate heats - first round was survivors. The lady who won was actually standing near us before and after the race, so of course, Lillie hammed it up for her. Second round was strollers. Since my pregnant best friend, Emilie, didn't want to high heel it up {let's face it, she falls down with no shoes on} she pushed Lillie for me. The next heat was the run, so unfortunately we don't have any photos of Emilie and Lilz. And Lauren and I were ready. Game-freaking-on.
Yes, Lauren is still that short in real life. And yes, I'm still an Amazon even without 5 inch heels.
They had a run for men. And these were most definitely manly men. Hair. And fur. And lingerie?
The guy in the pink striped socks actually lost his shoes {they were black and bedazzled!} because it was game on for him.And he didn't even win. I'm pretty sure it's the guy in the white tank top cheesing his little heart out that did. But the guy who takes the cake is the one in the black lace lingerie and blond wig. You can't tell by this picture but he definitely needed a wax appointment. And that made it all the more awesome.
There was a local celebrity heat & kids heat. {Yes, Lillie participated but we'd get 5 feet and everyone would clap for her, so she'd stop and clap at them, and after about 15 feet and with the next heat starting - we were scooting on outta the way.}
And then we had us a Pooch Scooch {cute name, am I right?} And this lady, she received the best costume - wonder why?
Prizes were given out. Survivor stories were told. We even managed to find ourselves on the local news that evening {unfortunately, I can't find a video of it online}. I mean, we were in the background shots, but dude, total celebrities now. If you'd like a 5x7 autographed photo, please send a postage stamped envelope and $20 bucks to...
It's something I can't wait to do again. A great cause, wonderful friends, surrounded by gorgeous high heels and a beautiful day. Seriously, what more could a girl ask for?

*They have 3 upcoming races in Dallas, Houston & Austin if you're interested. And of course, when next years race in Waco comes around you are more than welcome to come run it with me. If you'd like to donate, you can on their website - .