Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thursday: Hidden Talents

I feel like I need to apologize for a few things before you watch the video below.

1. The lighting is pretty shitty. I did what I could (9pm at night) with what I had (bathroom lighting).

2. I used my phone by holding it in front of my face. It gets kind of shaky. Please don’t throw up.

3. The very beginning is really quiet/muffled, I think it’s because I had my fingers over the microphone when I was talking. But the only thing you really miss is me introducing myself (Hi. I’m Tamara. I have a blog. Yay!) and that I’m linking up with Em, Lin & Meg for Random Thursday.

So, yeah, sorry about all that.

But at least you can lose 3 minutes of your life listening to me talk (since my “hidden talent” only takes about 10 seconds). How can that be bad, right?

And, I didn’t get Lillie in on it like I suggested at the end of the video. I was too busy feeling fancy this morning because we had to dress up for work (usually I’m in jeans and shirt). After eating really well these past couple of weeks, I can tell a difference in how this dress fits me from this time last year. I ain’t mad at it, but after taking about 30 pictures in my horrible bathroom, with sheisty ass lighting and a toddler running amuck I’ve realized I will never, not ever, be a fashion blogger.

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.IMG_0932


Lin said...

Dude, that is so cool! And a little creepy. Just a little though.

I need a cool talent like that. Also, I need to get my ass on a treadmill or something quick cause this running this is really working for you. You look amazing!

Kate said...

Dude. You look SMOKIN' HOT in that dress! Yowza.

And the eye shakin thing? I had a friend that could do that, and it always freaked me out. Because sometimes she didn't realize she was doing it? And it weirded me out.
But it's totally precious when you do it. (heh. When you do it.)

Breenah said...

LOVE that dress!

Katrin said...

I wish I could shake my eyes!

meg m said...

I commented via bloglovin but since it SUCKS I don't think it posted.
you kill me. smudge does that with is eyes too. is that weird?
also, I also pronounced your name like tam-air-a and lee-man.
to hear you say the right way is so weird!
thanks for linking up with your awesomeness!

Abbey said...


Anonymous said...

I was DYING in anticipation trying to figure out what you were going to do. My friend could do that too. I was always so jealous.

Amanda Arr said...

You crack me up!

Amanda said...

umm I don't normal use cursies, but that picture requires a daaaamn! You look soooo fantastic in that dress! your shape looks so good! Also, how do I say this without sounding weird...your boobs look great.