Friday, February 17, 2012

Life Moments

i find it amazing at the things my daughter becomes
entranced with things we take for granite,
things that don't even blip on our radar
are instantly fascinating through the eyes of a child.
it's pretty neat to watch.
can we say sassy?
i was certain she'd walk straight to the grass
but nope, the rocks got her -
hook, line and sinker.
i'm grateful every day for her
and what she's brought to my life - 
the knowledge that it's okay 
to slow down every once in a while 
and just be.
kids are a lot smarter than we often give them credit for 
we should really listen more to what they can show us.
 it's amazing at how quickly they can pick up
or  tear up things...
and then, all of a sudden
it's 15 months later
and she's waddling like a penguin
to the fence to see the cows
{because despite knowing how to walk
it still hasn't registered with her
that she can bend her knees
to walk more fluently}
as hard as it may be,
i hope you can find the simple joys of 
tearing up paper,
walking to cows,
and playing with rocks
rather than focusing on what's not going right
in your life right now.
time is so precious...
why waste it worrying.
especially when there's so much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pregnancy Panties

if you've been pregnant
then somewhere between the 2nd and
3rd trimesters of your pregnancy
you've engaged in the 
"holy shit, my boyshort panties have
somehow turned into thongs
" dilemna.
{and no, not the sexy kind}
to my friends who may be reading this
and don't have kids
don't laugh, this is serious
it really happens.
you know how Sir Mix-A-Lot says
Baby, got back?
yeah, well, at this point in your pregnancy
you ain't got back
you just straight up got ass...everywhere
and it's hungry
for your panties.
to resolve the situation is easy:
go buy you some of the biggest, most comfortable panties you can find
and continue being awesome at growing a baby in your belly.
the problem with these panties
is they don't know how to leave.
they're predators
and your pretty panties
their prey.
before you know it, it's a year later
and your panty drawer is filled with giant panties
that are big enough to be mistaken for a couch throw
and all of those glorious, beautiful panties that you once owned
are nowhere to be found
and you're standing there looking into the mirror
laughing, realizing it looks like you're wearing your own diaper
because you've simply forgotten in the midst of
dirty diapers, dirty laundry, dirty dishes
that there's not just a mom there
there's a wife,
and no husband deserves to come home to a woman
laughing in the mirror in nothing but some panties
that are as big as a small house
{or medium size house, whatever}
ohmygawd, why have you not told me it looks like
i'm confusing myself with a rapper who's got a crap in his pants?

so, let's band together and stop the ridiculosity
of Pregnancy Panties.
unless, of course, you're pregnant
or just had a baby
or doing laundry
or just really tired
okay, fine, we don't have to get rid of them completely
because just like sweatpants
there's nothing like comfort
after a day of beauty
like slipping into something that makes you say
"ahhh, now that's what i'm talking about"

Friday, February 10, 2012

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

if you have kids
{or maybe you have a particularly
'young at heart' spouse}
you realize how quickly things can go awry
which is what happened the other night at dinner
i turned away for a moment
leaving my daughter with a new sippy cup 
full of milk
so that i could cut up her chicken nuggets
and when i turned around
seriously, maybe 45 seconds had passed
she had dumped the milk out on her tray 
and was mid-splash
in her face
and even though milk is expensive
really what's a few dollars in the glory of having fun
and what kind of parent would i have been 
if i didn't get it on video
{hint: not the fun kind!}
bonus points to the person who can figure out the movie i have playing in the background noise!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New (ish) Bookcase

i didn't have a specific type of creation in mind
when making that resolution
just that anything would really suffice
i like making things
it just gets put on the back burner a lot
{like i'm sure it does for a lot of you}
with life - cleaning, work, kids, etc...
but i've been rearranging what's on my front burner
{suck it dirty dishes!!}
and couldn't be happier with my first project of 2012
If you don't get the reference, click here
a small bookcase that my mother-in-law
happily passed along to me
when i asked her if she'd love to donate it
to the good cause of lillie's room
that has done without a bookcase since, well, ever
and to be honest is really quite ridiculous considering she has close to 50 books,
if not more,
{i have a problem, i know}
i had to update it a little bit
Yes, that's a screwdriver in the shape of a duracell battery.
And even yesser, it works in a pinch when you need to open a can of paint.
because the whole magenta look was not working for me
i went for a plain brown 
{that i already had - score!}
and then decided it definitely needed something more
so, after a little thought
i decided my medium of choice would be decoupage
on the shelves and maybe on the outside
if it turned out good - awesome!
if it didn't - well, it's going in a 1 year old's room, 
the chances of it surviving the next few years looking good are nill to none
either way, 
I ended up using my CriCut to help spice up the sides a little bit.
it's not perfect or fancy
 but i'm very happy with the final product
 even if all the 'storage' still ends up on the ground
{which it does, trust me}
the whole process
{which really took me just a couple of days}
was definitely worth it.
here's to starting and finishing resolutions for 2012!
how are yours going?