Friday, February 17, 2012

Life Moments

i find it amazing at the things my daughter becomes
entranced with things we take for granite,
things that don't even blip on our radar
are instantly fascinating through the eyes of a child.
it's pretty neat to watch.
can we say sassy?
i was certain she'd walk straight to the grass
but nope, the rocks got her -
hook, line and sinker.
i'm grateful every day for her
and what she's brought to my life - 
the knowledge that it's okay 
to slow down every once in a while 
and just be.
kids are a lot smarter than we often give them credit for 
we should really listen more to what they can show us.
 it's amazing at how quickly they can pick up
or  tear up things...
and then, all of a sudden
it's 15 months later
and she's waddling like a penguin
to the fence to see the cows
{because despite knowing how to walk
it still hasn't registered with her
that she can bend her knees
to walk more fluently}
as hard as it may be,
i hope you can find the simple joys of 
tearing up paper,
walking to cows,
and playing with rocks
rather than focusing on what's not going right
in your life right now.
time is so precious...
why waste it worrying.
especially when there's so much to be grateful for.

1 comment:

Karah said...

I really needed this. It has been a stressful week full of no's, timeouts, and much shrieking. It's easy to forget to stop and enjoy. :) Thanks!