Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Monday 4.30.12

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Dear Monday, it's not Halloween. Stop disguising yourself as a Friday. It's been such a good day, you're really starting to freak me out.

Dear Stiletto Stampede, you were amazing Saturday! I had a blast watching kids, dogs, women & men show their support by running full blast 100 yards for Susan G. Komen. Next year though, it's on like donkeykong for the prize of best dressed. {more pictures & a better blog later!}
Can you find me?
Dear Running, we have not been on the same page for the past week. It's like someones best friend's cousin of their brother's uncle told you I was cheating on you and so, you're being mean to me. That's not true! I mean, I have been working out with Moj, but it's nothing. I promise, you're still my first love! Can't it just be like it used to be? I run and listen to great music and afterwards we talk about how awesome we are for completing that last mile like a champ? I miss you.

Dear Alfred, even though I wanted to punch you in the throat because you were purposefully getting on my nerves when I was trying to make a redneck water bed {DIY tutorial funness on its way soon!} - you totally made up for it with this photo.

Dear Lillie, I hate your cuteness. Even when I want to be mad and upset with you because I absolutely can not eat anything without you all up in my grill, I just can't. And it's the most frustratingly, awesome feeling ever. You've got me wrapped around your little finger and I ain't going nowhere.

Here's to a great week, my friends!


Abbey S said...

Great pictures! The run looks like it was a lot of fun, although I definitely wouldn't trust myself to run in heels.

Leia G said...

I saw the redneck water bed idea! Totally on my to-do list (:

Adrienne said...

It HAS been a good Monday. Weeeeirdd....

Looking forward to all these bloggy updates you mentioned :)

the Rosones said...

I'm super interested in finding out about this redneck waterbed!

The Lehmann's said...

Abbey, I was a little nervous but when I saw how people were hauling butt, my competitive spirit jumped in and I was booking it! {Still no first place though!}

Leia & Rosones (Hi, thanks for stopping by!!) I'm hoping to have it up tomorrow at the latest. It's super simple - gotta love Pinterest!

Adrienne, Monday was weird, right? It's like the world flipped upside down super quick and then tried to play it off like it didn't do anything at all. Weird Mondays.