Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 4.26.12

My first link up with Sar over at [life of love].

{1) The Lillie-kins has been out of sorts lately. She's been running a low temp fever and not being the smiley, adorable kid everyone has grown to love. She has never just fell asleep on me. Even as an infant, she never wanted to be rocked {by her grandparents, sure, but not good ol' mom - ugh!} but last night she fell asleep on my chest for about 20 minutes so I know she felt bad. Please send good thoughts our way that it's only a 24 hour bug and not an ear infection.
{2} Speaking of babies, I went to a baby shower for a co-worker today and it hit me again. The Fever. When did boy things get so adorable? Seriously, not okay Fever. Not.Okay.

{3} Have you people heard about this new phase where kids are drinking hand sanitizer to get their drank on? And then, I had more than a few people remind me that people {girls and guys}are inserting tampons soaked in vodka for the same effect? Seriously, this is why people think kids are nothing but a bunch of hooligans. Stop making me feel old by calling you hooligans. 

{4}. I'm super pumped about this Saturday. Why? Because I'm running a 100 yard dash in 5 inch heels! Sounds crazy, right? But it's not, because it's for breast cancer. For some reason, although I've not personally been affected by breast cancer, I always feel really strongly about this cause. So as major shoe whore, I felt it was my responsibility to make this happen.
It's in Waco, Texas at 10am. You don't have to run it. I'm actually puhh-retty sure I'm going to push the kiddo in her stroller for it. But if you want to just come and cheer people on, that's more than encouraged too! I'd love to see you guys!
For more information, here's their facebook page and their website. Or email me at Tamara0827{at}gmail{dot}com, and I'll find out for you. You can register prior to the race at the event, it's not too late I promise. And if you come, you'll get to see my bitching shoes before I post them for everyone else to see {trust me, they are totally worth it!}

{5} And here's hoping that the turkey meatloaf recipe I received from my friend/personal trainer-who-makes-me-see-baby-Jesus every Wednesday goes well tonight. I'm not planning on telling the husband, I'm going to see if he notices the difference. Muwahahaha.

Hope everyone's Thursday is going spectacular. Only one more day to get through for the weekend! You can do it!


Adrienne said...

Heyyy! Nice new look :)

I LOVE the breast cancer race-thing you're doing. SO cool.

Hope your Thursday goes smoothly and your baby feels better soon!

Sar said...

Call me old-fashioned but if they have vodka, why are they inserting a vodka-filled tampon instead of drinking a shot? Not that I condone underage drinking or anything but hand sanitizer and tampons? At least be smart about it!

Abbey S said...

Haha I'm with Sar. If they already have it... why do they have to shove it into orifaces? Why don't they just drink it? Also, yes. They are hooligans and we are old even though we're not. I think it's ok that we don't understand these phenomena. Actually, it's probably good.

The Lehmann's said...

Thanks Adrienne! I'm really excited about the event. Even men put on heels and run it - it should be a pretty good show :)

I totally laughed out loud Sarah when I read your comment - because it's so true! If you have it, why not just drink it? I mean, it just seems safer that way. But I did read that it's supposed to get in your system faster the other way.

And Abbey, you're right it's a good thing we don't understand!

Victoria said...

great list!

cute blog you have :)

Victoria said...

great list!

cute blog you have :)