Friday, April 27, 2012

Mudquest 2012

Lately, I've been trying to up my fitness game - partaking in a walk for the March of Dimes, Miracle Match 5k in January {that pretty much made me want to gnaw off my legs} and a 5k through Baylor University in March where I shaved nearly 10 minutes off my time from January. {Winning!}
I've also been working out once a week with one of my co-workers, Mojgan, {who has made me see baby Jesus - and reach for him at least twice - but in a good way} and has been a great source of information about fitness and eating well. I actually ate edamame for lunch today - {Please sing that last sentence to Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl for full effect.}
Anyway, in keeping with this health-kick when I saw their was a mud run coming to our town, I had to sign up. And sign up I did - but not before convincing a couple of friends to join in on the fun.
Christine, Marcie & Me. Looking way to clean if you ask me.
They have 3 courses (actually 4 if you count the kid course) - the 2 miles, 5k and a 10k. Since this was our first go-around we opted for the 2 miles. It was still most definitely a challenge.
This picture does not capture how truly hard this was.

Luckily, my hubby was willing to give us a hand!

I hate that I don't have a lot of photos to share with all the mud situations - although, you can check out their facebook page and there are plenty posted. I had a couple good ones from the professional photographer, but I don't know if they're good enough to buy...yet.
It took us probably right around 50 minutes. We ran some, jogged some, walked some, laughed a lot and I think all decided at the end of it - this was something we'd all do again. Even the husband was interested! And he hates it when I try to get him to run with me.
Yeah, badasses, we know.
 And, of course, we had to be hosed off by the fire department.Because Lord knows, none of us were getting in our vehicles with all the mud we had on us. {Don't you know you're an adult when you worry about a little mud!}
I'm pretty sure I felt a lot sexier than this picture depicts
And after it was all said and done, we got our 2 free beers (yay!) and a banana because apparently, the banana eating contest fell through {when the lady in charge told us that, we almost died laughing}and they had a whole bunch {get it, bunch, because you call a group of them a bunch of..oh never mind.}of them left. Christine had to head out almost immediately afterwards for her daughter's softball game, so she wasn't in this picture with us.
Yes, we get crowns. And beer. And bananas.
But that's no worries because I got a good picture prior to the race of just us.
Also, I can't lie. I feel like I'm looking exceptionally thin in this photo and I'm not mad at it.
We can't wait for the next one - it's actually going to be in October where we can dress up in costume for Halloween! And if you know anything about me - know this - I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! So, there's no doubt in my mind what I'll be doing to celebrate.
A huge thank you to our friends, Justin & Emilie, who came with us to cheer us on {Emilie took some of the photos above}, to my husband {who was amazingly supportive}, to Christine and her family for coming out and cheering us on, to Marcie & Jonathan {he also took some great pictures above with their camera affectionately called Carlos} and to Wing Stop who let us bullshit for nearly 3 hours in their store while we ate and laughed about life together. It was a spectacularly wonderful day.


Adrienne said...

Love it!

I did a mud run last November, it was a blast! We had free beer too, except I paid for the race, so maybe it was only sort of free?

Anyways, it looks like you had lots and lots of fun!

And you're still hilarious!

The Lehmann's said...

Lol, Adrienne! I know, it says 'free' but we know it isn't. But it does make me feel a lot better when the husband asks how much something cost and I can say "But, honey, I got 2 free beers and a free shirt!"

Yay for a fellow mud-runner! I can't wait to do the next one!