Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Monday 4.2.12

 my first link-up via Happy Day
and one i've thoroughly enjoyed
since falling in love with Sar at Life of Love
i think it's just a wonderful way to start the week
so, here goes
{i did make my own banner, gotta throw my Lillie in there!}
 dear monday, i had a 3 day weekend just for the heck of it, and you still totally came out of nowhere,
you sneaky bastard you.

dear lillie's godparents, thank you for loving us so much and allowing the husband and i to have a kid-free weekend. we missed the heck outta her, but it was nice to tone down the mom-worry from 150% to just a 110% for more than a few hours at time.  she is one lucky kid.

dear golf cart, thank you for not dying on us while we were cruising back roads trying to catch crayfish. we should really plug you in more.

dear upcoming Easter holiday, i can already feel the exhaustion from you looming over me. and i couldn't be more excited.

dear little sister,  you April Fooling me into thinking you weren't going to visit was super sucky.
well played, grasshopper.

dear husband, thank you for making me laugh and killing the mice that i love to hate, but won't do anything about. you are my hero. no doubt.

dear lillie, thank you for leaving dad on the floor to lay with me on the couch last night. i know you love us both, but man, sometimes it feels good to be loved a little more when you least expect it. you amaze me everyday.

hope you have a wonderful week!


Sar said...

Love your letters! <3 Yay for a child-free weekend!

megan said...

Yayyy- so glad you linked up your little letters this past Monday! :) Love the sweet banner of Lillie. And a big what's UP for kid-free weekend and a busy Easter weekend!