Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Through Her Eyes

life is busy. 
we get sidetracked.
things are pushed to speed up instead of slow down.
and sometimes we forget that we have little people
who count on us.
who look up to us.
who look at the world
in an entirely different way than we do.
and when you really start thinking about that, 
it's kind of freaky as hell.
they have all these beautiful new experiences
in store for them
things you may take for granite
or things you never even knew existed.
it can be pretty overwhelming as a parent
to just allow yourself to let them do things
you think they're better off not doing.
or messing with things
they're better off not messing with.
like, oh, i don't know, your camera for one.
but then, if you do
 if you let go and remember we, their parents,
are their number one source of life.
{and silly faces}
 sometimes you'll get a nice little surprise
when you upload your camera pictures...
and it's a great reminder
that even if you find it annoying at the time,
because there is something else more productive you could be doing,
holding a pink bucket to carry around a crapload of rocks
your daughter has precariously picked out
is really the most important thing you could be doing
in that moment.
there will always be dishes to wash,
clothes to fold,
carpets to vacuum..
but there won't always be a beautiful little 18 month girl
looking up to you. 
and i just wanted to share
and say thank you to her
because through her eyes
she helped remind me that 
making the best in what we have at that moment
is a luxury not everyone can afford
and simply put we're just lucky to have one another.
here's to your week my friends.
wishing you all the happiness in the world.

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