Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Monday 4.23.12

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Dear Monday, despite you making me forget my purse this morning, it's still been a pretty good start to the week.

Dear Flashmob, you just happened downstairs from my office. And while you weren't mindblowing, you still let me check off something on my bucket list. {I freaking love flashmobs!} Kudos to the students who participated and to my friend, Marcie, who let it slip it was going to happen. Now, to actually be in one and my life shall be complete.

Dear MudQuest, you were a friggin blast and I can't wait to do it again! Even the husband admitted he was jealous of the fun {so, yep, he's been commissioned to join the next one!} Thanks to Christine & Marcie who ran it with me. Y'all kept me motivated and laughing the entire time even when we were falling face first into the mud. {true story}.And to making new friends - Kayla - we've got to get BeerQuest up and running asap!
{a better blog to come when more pictures come my way!}

Dear Husband, is it wrong that I loved you a little more when you refused to uncover your face or talk to me when I mentioned you'd be 30 next year? Even with a full beard you'll always be that 19 year old kid down on one knee in front of a teensy weensy little message of Will You Marry Me? out in the open field confused by my tears of joy .. {Wait, so that was a yes, right? Because you actually never answered me.}

Dear Lillie, sometimes this mimicking stage you're in gives me mild strokes but other times, it's just preciousness beyond word especially when I see how happy it makes your dad.

 here's to a great week my friends!


Adrienne said...

Wow! A flash mob at your work, that's so cool!

That mud run looked fun, I did one similar to it last November :)

The Lehmann's said...

Yeah, it was pretty neat! My phone didn't do the two who were up on the bench justice. They were great!

The mud run was a blast - I can't wait to do another!

Sar said...

Love the MudQuest photo! You're adorable, and lookin' so skinny!

LOVE your new blogger set-up! So cute, Tam!

The Lehmann's said...

Aww, thanks Sar! I haven't lost any weight, but it's amazing what running does to your body - I can tell a difference in how my clothes are fitting and it's such a great feeling!
And thank you about my blog! I was ready for something different and easier to read, I think I accomplished it!