Friday, March 30, 2012

Houston Rodeo

so, here's the dealio
for a little anniversary get-a-way
and it was uh-maw-zing
but what it made it so great
was making a couple of new friends 
{hi janean and monica!}
at the swim-up bar
who just happened to be on a
committee for the Houston Rodeo.
we kept in touch through facebook
{i love social networking!}
and when it came Rodeo time
they asked if we'd like some prime-time, cheapie tickets
for any of the nights
and while checking out the entertainment line-up
because Reba McEntire was playing!
i tried not to get my hopes up
i mean, what were the chances?
 but the stars aligned and we got.the.hook.up

maybe not front row, but dang sure cheaper!
who doesn't love a good photobomb

singing Fancy
blurry, but those two ladies made the  night into awesome
despite it raining cats and dogs
we had a wonderful time
i got to see my aunt, uncle & cousins
{thanks again for keeping lillie!}
and we were snuck into member-only clubs
on the rodeo grounds
by these two amazing ladies!
Janean & Monica
so, thanks ladies for making this little country girl's dream come true!
we can't wait to do it again
and maybe this time
we won't get our knees bruised from sliding across the dance floor.
oh, who am i kidding?! you know we will!


Anonymous said...

Wheres the pictures?

The Lehmann's said...

I don't know what happened, but they should be visible now!!