Thursday, March 29, 2012

Am I Crazy?

so, at the end of january i talked about
how i pretty much died after running a 5k
and that i thought i was some sort of badass
and had already registered for another one in March
well, honeyballs, that time has come
and it has gone.
in 40 freaking minutes
that's right, i ran it 9 minutes faster than i did in january
which may not sound like a lot to you
but to me, i'm shouting it to the world!
because it means all the running i've been attempting
has been worth it.
i didn't set a specific goal time
{other than just beating my time by even a second from january}
and instead of killing myself trying to run fast
{i'm pretty sure i saw a turtle pass me}
i taught myself to just run at a pace i was comfortable with
and guess what i found out?
weird, right? 
emilie and i sporting our finisher medals
so, i'm training for a half-marathon
yep, i actually had my husband follow me on my run
the other day in the golf cart with lillie
and i ran another 3.1 miles easily
it was in the moment that i saw lillie's eyes light up 
with her little hi! and a wave of her hand
as i passed the golf cart
and another little wave bye-bye! as alfred passed me
that i knew it was do-able
because for crying out loud,
so, running 13.1 miles - piece of cake.
{but not vagina cake, because that would be weird}
 prior to making this decision, but after the 5k
we went and saw The Hunger Games
i'm sure you've heard about it
{or not, if you've been living under a rock}
if you've read the books
and are a stickler that books made into movies 
should be exactly the same
then you should like this, there are a few minor changes 
but nothing that will make you go WTF! NO! 
and if you could care less about the books
it's still a good movie
win/win either way
just like this last weekend

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