Wednesday, March 7, 2012


i recently wrote a post detailing
and near the end i wrote
"God help us all."
but i didn't really mean it
because, what are the odds at her age
that out of all the conversations
and all the words
and all the inflections
i use that she'll pick up on a bad word.
and especially if it's not a typical bad word,
not one you'd normally throw a quarter in a swear jar for?
but one said in a moment
so quickly that you almost don't even realize you've said it.
is your reaction indicative of the type of parent you are?
because sweet baby Jesus, i hope not. 
otherwise, my baby has classified me as..
a dildo.
yep, it's true. 
she heard me say it in passing, 
and that's all i took.
{actually i was calling someone that in jest...kind of.}
{{don't judge me, you know you've said it too!}}
emilie, lillie and myself were on our way 
to enjoy some very tasty italian cuisine
and not even 2 seconds after 'dildo'
was removed from my mouth
{ha, that's what she said!}
we heard an almost angelic, completely confident
and wonderfully precious repeat 
coming from the backseat.
if it were possible i'm sure we both would have had rock star abs by the time we finished laughing.
but seriously, i've been trying to teach her
to say milk for months
and she chooses dildo instead?
sometimes you can't win for losing.
and so is the story of parenthood.

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Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes. We don't choose them, they do. Krysten's first words was da-da. As you may, or may not know, I was a single Mama. NOT FUNNY! But, I will almost take that one over dildo. Love ya, girlie!!!