Friday, March 16, 2012

Edible Fingerpaints

it's spring break here.
and working at a university 
most people assume everyone is off.
well, sure, if you're a student or faculty
but i'm staff.
so, i've had to make the long trek to work all week.
while the weather was beautiful
but with no sitter yesterday
and an amazing boss
i was able to take the day off to spend with the lillie.
and being the pinterest whore that i am
i decided to make some...
recipe via easie peasie
•1/2 cup cornstarch
•2 cups water
•3 tbsp sugar
•1/2 tsp salt
•adorable containers
•food coloring
total cost: about $3.00
(i already had food coloring, sugar & salt)

step 1: place water, cornstarch sugar and salt in small pan and bring to a boil
{stirring frequently!}
this part actually only took about 8 minutes for me
and at first, it kind of clumps together and you're like 
wtf is that?!
but by the end the consistency smooths out
and it kind of resembles hair conditioner.
step 2: dump contents into adorable containers
remember - it will be hot, so don't put your finger on the spoon to scoop it off.
{uh, not that i know from experience...}
i think the little containers held somewhere around 4-5 oz
and i had enough leftover to probably fill up one more.
{i bought mine at our local H-E-B
grocery store for about $2}
step 3: add food coloring 
i only put two drops from each bottle
but based on how the final product came out
i wish i would have made them a little darker now.
step 4: wait for them to cool
{i put them in the fridge to hurry up the process}
we had to finish eating our ketchup with a side of corn dog
 then we made a quick trip to wal-mart
and then there was a nap
so, really no point.
 but it did give me time to set up her work area.
which she scrambled too
just as soon as her little eyes spotted it.
it was kind of windy outside
so the husband suggested
i use these orange rubber squares he has
{i have absolutely no idea what they're really used for}
and i taped down a poster board for her
step 5:  get your edible paint on
{oh, i did actually try the paint.
it didn't taste bad, it didn't taste good,
it pretty much tasted like a side of nothing
with a sprinkle of sugar on top}
i think more than anything she just liked the way it felt
which was kind of like old hair gel
(or gak! 90's representin'!)
it clumped together and was pretty sticky
so we'd end up just picking up chunks of it and then spreading it
but after it was all said and done
picasso baby, am i right?
 nothing compares to rocks, nothing i say.
but on the way back to the house for a snack
she did manage to sit still and take a picture with me
{please disregard the the unkempt hair,
texas humidity is in a word - evil}
i think she enjoyed herself
{i know i did!}
so, definitely something we'll be doing again!
i hope everyone else is enjoying their spring breaks
whether it's just one day or a full week!

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