Monday, January 30, 2012

Miracle Match 5k Aftermath

so for the past few years
i've been doing this thing at the end of january
with really no problem at all
probably because i actually put for some real effort
to, you know, avoid what i've been dealing with the past two days
the aftermath of a 5k
which means i run 3.1 miles
in the cold-ass morning
with a bunch of other people
all supporting marrow donation
and being good people for it
because what normal people pay money to run?
you can do that for free outside
am i right?
anyways, this year i signed up with high hopes
but then life happened
and before i knew it, race day was upon me
and i seriously considered not doing it
because i'd only really ran like 6 times
in the past two weeks
and no where near 3 miles
but then i thought,
no. i will do it. i can do it. it won't be that bad, right?
and it wasn't...
until the next day when i'm pretty sure my husband was convinced i need a walker
{complete with tennis balls on the bottom}
and new carpet with all the shuffling my feet were doing
and the random moaning that would escape my lips
as i'd do anything
still though, i think it was worth it because
 i actually did run 1.5 miles without stopping
{which i've never done before}
i may be slow as molasses
{seriously, a woman with a stroller passed me}
but i did it
and have already signed up for another one come March
{i plan to be much better prepared for this one!}
so, if anyone in the central texas area
would like to join me
i can almost exactly promise you these things
*that you'll be faster than me*
*we will listen to some awesome music*
*just when you think you can go no more,
i will loudly cheer you on, almost to the point of embarrassment...
if you are ready to have a high-kicking, eye of the tiger, incredibly slow jog experience
email me at 
or hit me up on facebook
i'll send you the specifics!


Sar said...

That sounds like a blast! For the record, next time you run and haven't trained, just pop some ibuprofin before you run and your delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS if you're in the biz) will be potentiated. Cool eh?

The Lehmann's said...

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be remembering that just in case I 'forget' to train again :)