Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Schmaby

there's this thing that happens when people see/meet your kid
they ask questions
usually normal things that should in no way bother you
they're just curious
and as any mom or dad knows you just smile, answer and move on
unless of course, this question is coming from another parent
or someone who knows roughly the timing on when kids should start doing things
like talking. or sitting. or in our case, walking.
so, when this question would inevitably come up in conversation
i'd just smile and say she's a lazy whore
ok, fine, i didn't say whore
because that's not appropriate
{fine sometimes i said it in my head...or out loud with my bff, Emilie, who totally understands my warped sense of humor and doesn't judge me}
and to be honest, i'm fine with the kid not walking yet
if she wants to speed crawl everywhere
get your freaking groove on girlfriend
that's less bumps and spills i have to worry about
not to mention she's started this thing where she crawls backwards
{her name over the holiday break was crayfish, ha}
and it's adorable as fuck
and so, much like my pregnancy i figured if i stopped harassing her
that eventually she would do what she needed/wanted to do
so, i did
but that didn't mean Granny & Pap Paw did
and finally after months of trying
they figured it out
yep, she loves the candy
and on January 5, 2012 she wanted it bad enough to take her first steps
and at 5:30 pm when i went to pick her up
i don't honestly know if i've ever witnessed her that happy
and that proud
and that beautiful
in the moment when she walked to her Granny
turned her beautiful strawberry blonde head to me 
and smiled as large as her chubby cheeks would allow her
as if to say
mom, you can stop telling Aunt Emilie i'm a lazy whore now, i can walk!
{as a side note, i may want to look into cleaning my language up...}
and you can bet your ass this proud mama got it on video
{i didn't say i was going to clean it up now}
baby schmaby, she's a toddler now!
she gets a good 5-6 steps in around 1:10 
and if you notice at the very beginning she keeps cheesing at me
because she thinks i'm taking her picture
yeah, she's kind of the definition of a ham
and for the life of us, we have no idea where she picked it up from...

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