Thursday, December 22, 2011


Recent text exchange with my best friend, Emilie

Emilie:OMG OMG OMG I found corral boots 1/2 off, my size....
I'm going back to get them when I get off unless you can talk me out of it.
Me: As your best friend and fellow shoe lover, I cannot in good conscience talk you out of this.
You will thank me later as you show off your new boots.
Emilie: :D

I absolutely love that we use each other to justify our needs, when deep down we know it may be a bad idea. And that, my friends, is how you be a best friend.
But seriously how could these be a bad idea?

And just for future reference if you ever need to justify anything that may seem ridiculous in any type of way, I encourage you to contact me.

Did a bird just poop on your hair?
Call me.
I will totally agree with you that throwing rocks at said bird is in no way animal cruelty.

Did your child just throw-up on your brand spanking new pants?
Call me.
I will totally suggest that you show them who's boss by throwing up on their pants.

Did someone just eat the last piece of chocolate pie right in front of you knowing how much you love it?
Call me.
I will arrive shortly with a pie made not for consumption but for throwing.

 Did a spider launch itself directly at your face because they are evil and do such things?
But seriously, other than that. I'm all yours.

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Sar said...

Bwaaaaahahahahaha I love your guts.

Once, in high school, my friend Rachel (who is also terrified of spiders) saw one in the bathroom right after she got out of the shower and screamed "SPIIIIIDEEEER!" Her dad, thinking she yelled "FIRE!" ran in with the fire extinguisher. True story.