Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Resolutions - the results

let's do it
{no, not that, perv}
let's go back in time
approximately one year ago
you know when you decided that you were going to actually keep your resolutions this time
did you do it? 
were you awesome?
or did you forget about it until December 31st and you were like
and everyone gave you the 'dang, i think she's had too much champagne look'
{not that i know what that look looks like...}
because you said all that out loud
and then you're like eh, whatever, i'll just resolve the same things for this year as i did last year
i can file a time extension, right?
so, don't be afraid, just step in the car
{don't worry, I talked to Marty he said it was fine}
now, where in the world did i put that flux capacitor?
here they are, my resolutions from last year
- i resolve to not be pregnant for 2011.
i totally made this one my bitch.
and it was so awesome.
-i resolve to meet my goal weight.
yeah, not so much a bitch as a long lost acquaintance
i did lose 25 lbs all together throughout the year
i just didn't make it to my goal weight
which is what i specified
so, kind of a half-win?
-to run a half-marathon
yeah, this didn't happen.
I did run a 5k though
but i still have this on my bucket list
whether i actually succeeded in 2011 or not
so, not too bad. probably the first year i made somewhat progress on resolutions or succeeded in them.
i'm okay with how 2011 turned out
and have high hopes for 2012
because i think this year, i'm going to be a little selfish
and divulge myself a little in the finer things in life
and i'm definitely okay with that


Sar said...

YAY FOR BEERS AND NO BABIES! However this next year, I definitely want a baby outta you. Make it happen.


The Lehmann's said...

Let's see that engagement ring for you this year!

I think 2012 is going to be a good one :)