Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's that time of the year again. One where you insist that you'll do more, you'll be better, and that all the things you promised yourself you'd do in 2010 will definitely get done in 2011. 


They'll be the death of me, I swear. I hardly ever keep them, so why do I make them every year? Perhaps, I just get caught up in the excitement of it all. A new year, a new dawn kind of thing. Or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment as the year comes to a close and I realize I've done nothing I set out to do 11 months prior.

In all honesty though, it's probably because I'm one of those damn optimists and I allow my hopes and dreams to forever exceed reality. I thought maybe I should just forgo the whole resolutions conundrum I seem to fall into but really, what fun is that? 

So, for 2011 I've made the following resolutions of which I believe are fairly realistic. I'm hoping that by writing it (blogging, whatever) I'll hold myself to them a little better than just saying them in my mind. 
  • I resolve to not be pregnant for 2011. I was for the better part of 2010 and well, I deserve at least a year break between kids. And to have the ability to down a beer if there's ever a situation where this needs to happen. Knowing my life, I'm almost certain there will be a situation where this is called for. It's inevitable.
  •  I resolve to meet my goal weight. I almost met this goal in 2010, I was 10 lbs away when I actually became pregnant. I feel incredibly confident that this is possible.Not to mention, for some reason I really want to be referred to as a MILF now that I have a child.I'm certain this resolution will help me achieve this goal.
  • To run a half-marathon. I feel so-so about this one. I did a 5k last year and it was one of my proudest moments, so I'm trying to amp it up a bit. I'm not going for a record, just finishing it would suffice.  
Here's to hoping this year is full of awesome surprises, amazing milestones and a whole bundle of love. 

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