Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two months, Where has it gone?

Lillie had her two month checkup yesterday where it was confirmed that she was perfectly healthy and incredibly cute. (Okay, they didn't confirm she was cute, but really, have you seen my daughter? The proof is in the pudding people.) 

She's 10 lbs, 15 oz. I was sure she was at least 12. I actually asked the nurse to weigh her again. And then I started thinking that maybe I should weigh on their scale if that's the case. My scale at home is not nearly as friendly, in fact, I think it's out to get me.

We had a busy day after her appointment, we had to visit my office, my old office and Alfred's work place. Despite having 3 shots in her long, little monkey legs, she smiled and hammed it up like she was born to be in the spotlight. It makes me wonder how much of our personalities are already in her, and how much more we're going to get to unveil as the days go by.

She's more alert, more active and more beautiful as the days go...even if she is squishing poo out of the top of her diaper. She's become a pro at that, by the way. It feels weird to think that two months ago I was cursing my cervix for not opening up and releasing this demon child that seemed to have a firm grasp on my uterus. And even weirder to think that this time last year I was convinced my body simply hated me because I wasn't pregnant. Things can change so radically and quickly in a few short months without you even realizing it unless you take a few moments to dwell on your life.

And after dwelling on my life, I've got to say - it's pretty, freaking awesome. 


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