Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Most Beautiful Sound

Okay, where's your jacket? Is it near you? Or pants? If you don't have pants near you - *cough* on you *cough* - just pretend. Alright, do you have one of these items? Yes? Good. Now, take the item and put the zipper together and pull...


Did you hear that? Was it music to your ears? Go ahead, do it again. It's fine, maybe you just missed the initial amazingness of it, I'll wait.


Oh, it just sounds like a zipper to you? Well, you my friend, apparently have never been stuck in maternity clothes for months. Because if you had you certainly would understand that this simple sound of a zipper zipping up on a pair jeans is truly the most beautiful sound in the world. 

Now, the pants I zipped up aren't the size I want to be, but at this point - simply being able to zip up a pair of REAL jeans is a miracle in itself. 

I guess that saying is true, it really is the little things in life.  

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