Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life's A Beach

This past weekend Alfred and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary in true Texas style, by heading down to Galveston for the weekend! We didn't want to head to the beach for the first time without our daughter, so we drug her along. Literally.

Dad tried to play tough, but he couldn't deny how awesome it was to see our baby girl look out into the ocean for the first time..

We had a great time  finding shells..and putting them in our mouth as quickly as we could grab them.

 And then playing in the waves and trying to figure out where in the world all the water was coming from.

Of course hats are a must in this heat, and my two loves had the best ones on the beach.

Lillie definitely let us know about the sand once she found it on her toes.

She had a blast, but I think we had even more fun watching her experience it for the first time. She may not remember it, but I will - and I wouldn't replace this memory for anything in the world. 

We'd like to throw a huge thank you out to my Aunt Shannon, Uncle Cliff, Maddie and Abi who let us crash at their house Friday night and then offered to keep Lillie Saturday night so we could celebrate our anniversary in style.

We rode Segways, which were so awesome we nearly bought one.

We had us a Coronarita Margarita, something I probably should only ever have one of in the future. Any more than that, and well, let's just not go there.
We hung out in the swim-up pool bar for something like 5 hours making new friends and pulling the anniversary card for free drinks (don't judge me!) and before our road trip home, we divulged in a couple's massage. 

All in all, a pretty okay weekend. A pretty okay weekend, indeed.
Here's to another 6 years and then some!


Sar said...

I'm impressed that you were able to use the anniversary card for free drinks! +100 cool points! <3 Also, Lillie is SO CUTE! But what's up with Alfred's boots?! They're boots...on the beach...

The Lehmann's said...

Well, to be fair we used it more the further the evening went because with more drinks served it was pretty easy to use!
And Alfred wears his boots for everything. He actually has the same tennis shoes from high school because that's how little he wears anything else. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha I was one of those that bought you guys a free drink. It was great meeting and clebrating with ya. Your lil angel is so adorable!!!
Janean :)

The Lehmann's said...

Yes, you were! Thank you so much for laughing and hanging out with us. We had a great time, y'all definitely made it worthwhile.
Hopefully we'll be able to meet up at the Houston Rodeo this year!