Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Redneck Waterbed Tutorial

Thanks to Play at Home Mom for the idea
I had seen this idea from Play at Home Mom  {a great resource for fun ideas!} and on a few Pinterest boards, and thought - wow, simple and adorable - it's a doer! So, here goes!
Materials: Plastic drop cloth (or something similar) $4
          duct tape $4.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I used a 40% off coupons - score!
Food coloring - already had in the pantry
Sea Shaped Rubber bands $1
Total Cost: around 7 bucks
{but could be totally cheaper if you have any of the products already!}

Step 1: Lay out plastic in a big square. I bought the 3 pack 7 mil, and it was pretty thin, so I doubled it up - hoping it wouldn't pop. I also considered using some of those Hefty trash bags but all I could find were black and I wanted something clear. I think in the post I linked to above she mentioned a tarp. Seriously, anything is a possibility with this.
Step 2: Duct tape all sides and seams {but leave a hole somewhere so you can fill it up with water!}

I chose camouflage duct tape just to add to the Rednecky-ness for this post, and well, because as a self-declared redneck myself - I knew we'd use it for something else.
Also, try to keep your duct tape pieces as long as you can to avoid seams that may not tape close all the way. I used smaller pieces (5-7 inches) not thinking about that and we had a few leaks before we even stepped on it.
Step 3: Fill 'er up! I used the whole little bottle of dye and it hardly made a dent in it once it was all filled up. I also added the little rubber bands, but was kind of pointless in the end since you couldn't see them.
Step 4: This is incredibly important step. Don't forget to do this. While it's filling up and your kid is distracted...
Duct tape their hands and laugh hysterically at them because you're an all powerful adult and really, what other way can you get them back for pooping on you yesterday.
Step 5: Once it's filled up, duct tape the hole closed and have fun! Seriously, that simple!

And it's kind of a double fun craft because once you're done playing on it, you can pop it and play in the water! {It felt amazing with this Texas humidity we've been having lately!}

So, stop staring at the computer and get out there! There's redneckness to be had!


DumbFunnery said...

Step 4 is probably the most sane of all the steps.

meg m said...

this is crazy!
I want to make one...