Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 5.31.12

link up with Sar at [life of love]
{1} This crazy, fun weather Texas is having is wrecking havoc on my weirdly natural wavy hair. Which I'm still getting used too. I got it cut/highlighted last Saturday by a wonderful stylist {and person!} Johanna.

If you're in the Waco/Central Texas area and are looking for a new 'do. Let me know, I'll hook you up with her info. Also, she's gorgeous - and you know good and well you judge your hair stylist by how well they look! I know I do. {Don't judge me.}
{2}The husband went camping/hung out on the lake with a good buddy who only manages to come back home a few days every few months {due to his job} last night. Whenever he's not home, I have a hard time falling asleep but when I finally do go to sleep - sweet baby Jesus I love not sharing a bed. IT.IS.MAGICAL.

{3}I'm still doing my Insanity workouts. They're still the debil. And I'm being slowly converted over to the dark-side of actually enjoying working out as I've officially lost 7 inches now. I am *planning* on sharing more about my weight loss/getting healthy journey soon.  The thought of posting my actual weight is terrifying, but well, I'll get more into my feelings in a later post.
Which also may or may not involve a video of me huffing/puffing through Insanity. But, after mentioning it to Abbey over at Finding My Forever {great blog, my friends, check it out!}in a really great email exchange the other day about how no one can be cute doing these  moves, I think it's time I prove that theory right. Seriously, people, I look like a whale who stubbed his fin on a coral reef while chasing down a school of fish. Not pretty. Not pretty, at all. I also had a lot of questions about the program from my Buttoned, Bitches post - so hopefully, I'll have something together next week.

{4}I have started to not put up my clean laundry. Which for me means it is time to clear out space in my closet/dressers because I hate having to squish down with all of my weight to fit in So, Lillie and I for the past two days have been going through my clothes. I'd say she has been helpful, but well, she's 18 months. And her definition of help is not the same as mine.
stealing clothes from one of the many piles to 'try' on.
But even though I just did this a few months ago, I managed to be more realistic and get 3 bags to the Goodwill this afternoon. And I also found out that I have two more pair of pre-Lillie jeans I can add to my wardrobe. Ain't nothing like shopping for free, am I right folks? 

Here's to another day down to Friday!


Abbey S said...

Seven inches??? Holy cow! You're working your butt off! (Literally! haha... see how clever I am?) But for serious. That's impressive. Is Insanity like P90x where you have to pay eightybajillion dollars to get it? Also, I didn't like P90x... but I was a lot less in shape then... Thanks for the shout out. We're just full of bloggy love this week. Ha.

I've been posting bits and pieces about me losing weight all along, but I've never said my starting weight. It's avoidable, I think, and still impressive to say you lost xx pounds or xx% of your weight or whatever. But I have a friend who did post her starting weight and it made her really relatable. So I guess... I don't have a point.

Adrienne said...

Oh! Happiness! 7 inches?! Ow Ow! You go girl! Love the new hair! I need to get mine done... eventually...someday...

Happy Cleansing! Goodwill trips are healthy, right? :)

Katie said...

I totally feel your wavy hair woes. I feel like mine is always in a funk with the weather in the NW!

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