Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 5.3.12

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{1}I actually woke up this morning and tried to convince myself it was Friday because I am so excited for this weekend! Between the redneck-themed birthday party we are attending {seriously, there's going to be a 30 foot inflatable water slide, cotton candy machine, & dunk tank} and taking advantage of our new boat. It's going to be one heck of a fun-in-the-sun kinda time.
Yes, yes it does, say Aquaholic on it.
{and you thought I was playing with you about being a redneck. ;) }

{2} Hi students. I promise you as recent graduate I completely understand the pressure you are going through. But calling me 3 times in the past hour asking for an update on a problem that I have no control over - will not get the situation resolved any faster. Slow your roll, dudes, slow your mother-beeping-roll. I gots yo back, just gimme a chance, dawg.

{3} I cried like a baby Tuesday morning. Why? Because after a very long journey, our best friends, Emilie & Justin, found out they are having a boy! And just as friend {and aunt dammit!}if I was that excited {especially considering I kind of don't like kids} I just know he's going to uh-mah-zing and I can't wait to snuggle on him. And force him to marry Lillie...what? Don't judge me.
{4} Emilie stashed away picture of Lillie from a year ago and surprised me with it in my email this morning. I always am excited to go love on my Lilz after work but that photo just made me that much more pumped to go spend some girl time with my fav. Thanks Em, you've sparked that damn Fever again.


Adrienne said...

HOORAY for your friends! That's so wonderful!

Awesome boat :)

It's. Almost. The. Weekend.!

Sar said...

You got a boat?! AWESOME!

Happy Thursday! Soooo close!

The Lehmann's said...

Thanks Adrienne! I absolutely had to buy them a little onesie that says, "I'm not chubby, it's all MUSCLE." Since I only have a girl, it's a good excuse to shop on the other side of the store now.

Sar - I know, right! We actually have a much smaller fishing boat {rednecks, remember?}, but with the kiddo we wanted something bigger. And we got it for a great deal. Sometimes the husband's craigslist obsession does pay off :) Oh, and you are so going to have to come out with us sometime this summer!