Friday, May 25, 2012


I try not to riddle my blog with awesome pictures of me and only me. Not because I don't think I'm awesome, because dudes, seriously look at me - I'm amazeballs! But because I'm usually the one behind the camera. And I'm not entirely a fan of the whole "Hey, look at me, I'm in a mirror and posing and look I can do a kissy face!" It just makes me feel weird. Unless I'm drunk. And then fo'rizzles the camera is my veryyy best friend. I am not always proud of it. Because beer makes you a moron. But that's just a plain and simple fact.
Mindi looks great. I look like I'm trying to give myself a hernia.
But, still, this is worth bragging about. And I'm thinking soon I'll share my struggle with weight gain/loss and how chips and salsa are my one true love and also my very worst enemy. But until then, and for the time being, all I got to say is
Why, yes, that is a Muggle shirt.
These are  pre-Lillie jeans that I could not button up a month or so ago. The scale is being a whore-face and not moving, but this, buttoning up these Silver jeans {my favorites, at that!} totally trumps the scale bar-freaking-none.
And yes, you can tell me my hair is looking like a frizzyassmess - because there's no denying that.
But even more than that, you can totally tell me my butt looks uh-may-zing - because the proof is in the picture my friends.

Oh before I go, wish me luck that the new jeans help initiate The Fever in my husband. {wink, wink}
I hope you all are getting ready to have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. I know I will.

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Adrienne said...

You look fantastic!