Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Monday 6.4.12

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Dear Monday, even though I know I should hate you, I don't. You've made this transition from the weekend into the workweek, pretty dang good. Are you feeling well?

Dear Aunt Flo, I will find you. And I will punch you. In the face.

Dear Sunday Afternoon, our little clan sure did enjoy spending time with you by cruising gravel roads on the four wheelers, pointing to every cow and bird we saw and laughing at Lillie's baby hair blowing in the wind. And ending the night with our besties, Emilie & Justin, was just icing on the cake.

Dear I Heart Radio, thank you for playing Baby Got Back just now as I was typing work. I think it's very important to let everyone in the office know that my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun!

Dear Myself, stop being lazy and upload those 3 damn blogs that are just sitting in your drafts.

Dear Husband-face,  I love that we're honest with each other. I do. But just for the future, it's okay if you don't tell me I look bloated and that's how you knew I was going to start hanging with Aunt Flo (the whore) soon. I'd rather you just tell me you like your girls curvy once every 4 weeks, okay?

Dear Lillie, you're doing great with the counting thing. Except that we always start you off with one so you never say one, you just add 'two' & 'trree' on your own. But no worries, because when Dad asked you who the number one parent was and you looked at him and cheesed your adorable smile while saying 'Twooo' - you totes made up for it. Mama's so proud of you. :)


Abbey S said...

ha. love "husband-face." think my bf just got a new nickname. boyfriend-face sounds pretty dang good.

Adrienne said...

Stupid aunt Flo. She's such a jerk.

P.S. You've been picked for awards on my blog!

Sar said...

Aunt Flo like, you haven't found her 'cuz you're preggo...?! 'Cuz another baby would ROCK.

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses