Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Won The Lottery *For A Reason*

Yeah, I know. Not the good kind of lottery. Well, not the good kind for my wallet anyway. But yep. I did it. On January 13, 2013 I will run [and probably walk some, we will see] 13.1 miles. And it will be glorious. [Or at the very least amusing if I happen to crap my pants.]

I mean, what are the odds that the first time I attempt to get into a half-marathon [that is capped] I'd actually be chosen? Guess it was just in the fates that I suck it up and git-r-done. I've done a number of 5k's (3.1 miles) in the past few years, but never ventured beyond that. And to be brutally honest here, it was because I was terrified.

I was terrified I wouldn't know how to train properly.
I was terrified of giving up my free time to [ugh] exercise.
I was terrified of failing.
I'm sure you've all felt it. That little voice in the back of your mind that tells you your just not good enough. Ugh, I hate that voice. If I could figure out how to punch that voice in the vagina I would be completely and utterly happy for the remainder of my years. But I've been working on finding that voice this year by focusing a little more on what makes me happy. [Part of my 2012 resolutions.]

Not only what makes my husband happy. Not only what makes my job happy. Not only what makes my family/friends happy. And as horrible as this sounds [and as guilty as it makes me feel] on not only what makes Lillie happy.

I can honestly and openly tell every single one of you reading this - it has made me a better person.
I feel more connected with people because I am focusing on them when I am with them. I am not focusing on how I should sit to look thinner, on what I should say to sound smarter or on what I should do to appear better. It's still a work in process, but we all are at any given moment. I am proud of where I am going mentally and physically.

Also, I am incredibly proud to say that not only am I running a half-marathon, I am Running For A Reason. I have decided & committed to help raise money for The Epilepsy Foundation. Here's a link that you can read a little more about what the program does on the Houston Marathon page Click Here.

And this is where you guys come in. Yes, can you feel it? I'm about to ask you to donate. I'm about to ask you to help me, help those who need it. All donations are tax-deductible. All donations are a new hope from those that suffer from seizures.

I've committed to raise $1000 by January 2013.

Also, I'll do stupid stuff for money. Seriously. I have no shame.

Do you want to see me noodle? I'll do it. Even though the thought of having a fish BITE me freaks me the hell out. [My heart started racing just typing that]

Do you want me to dress up in costume for my 5k on July 21st? I'll do it. [Provided it's not ridiculously hot costume and going to force me to pass out, because well, let's face it - it's Texas and all week we've been in the 100s]

What would cause you to pay money for a good cause to see some ridiculously average white girl do? You tell me. We will work this shiz out. |
Post in the comments, reply in facebook, email me, twitter me [that sounds so pervy. I love it].

We can work out how much money for each once I have a slew of great [or scary or fun or holy hell what kind of person even thinks of that] ideas.

In the meantime, let me know your ideas.
AND share this post.
Let's help find a cure. And let's embarrass the shiz outta this girl.

Donate by going here - Sponsor Tamara0827
and clicking on the Click Here To Sponsor Me. You'll be directed to a form. You can donate anonymously if you prefer. It's up to you.


Katie said...

What an incredible goal! I ran the NYC 1/2 in March for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Good luck and certainly don't take any training advice from me!!

Also, if you don't read, I suggest you do. She is also running the Houston Half and it's a very entertaining blog!

Lastly (whew!) thanks for stopping by Slowly But Surely! It's always fun to have new readers and I'm excited to be your newest reader!

Adrienne said...

You ARE good enough, you can so do this!

I'll totally share and donate just because you're awesome- no embarrassment necessary ;)