Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Monday 6.25.12

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Dear Monday, I've been patiently waiting for this particular Monday for a few weeks now. Why? Because today was the day fate would determine if I'd win the lottery or not.

Good news - I won! Bad news - it actually cost me money. The race isn't until January, so I have time to make up for the cost. And train, I guess...{eek!} More info to come soon.

Dear Sun, I understand that you're bright. And you like to burn people. Why are you such a bully? I mean, why can't you be like facebook and if we 'block' someone, they can no longer see any part of us? Lathering aloe vera on a husband who insists he wore sunblock from his noodling adventure this weekend {more on that soon too!} is just no fun for all parties involved. It's sticky. And green. And the kid tries to eat it. Sigh.

Dear Cat-Noggin, I don't know where you came from. Or how you managed to survive out in the boonies, but you've decided to make us your home. As a lover of cats, I am ecstatic. My husband, however, refuses to believe I didn't have anything to do with your visit and keeps giving you the evil eye. Don't worry about it though. It's too late, I've already bought cat food. You are now stuck with us forever. (Unless of course someone recognizes him.) He showed up Friday evening snooping around for food - let me know at Tamara0827[at] if he's yours! Very friendly and Lillie actually drug him about a food by the tail and he just went with it. Can't be mad at that.

Dear Husband-face, I just bought stock in Aloe Vera. You're welcome.

Dear Lillie-head, I caught you red-handed getting into mom's groceries this weekend before we even made it home. You're lucky you're cute, kid. Real lucky.

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Abbey said...

Aww, poor husband. The sun is such a bully. Also, I think it's your fault for buying gummy bears. Also, wish you'd found my sister's cat, although then we'd be like wtf is Raj doing in Texas. And we'd have to look into shipping her FedEx or something.

Nope, none of that makes sense. Oh well.