Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 6.21.12

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{1}I am nervous. But in a good way I think. You see, I signed up for a lottery. I just don't know if I've won yet.
Wait, is it winning if you have to pay money and run 13.1 miles

I should know something by Monday. I don't know if I want you to wish me luck or just call me crazy. I go back and forth between the "Oh, shit yes, I can do that!" and the "Holy effing sweet baby Jesus Christ what if I poop my pants in mile 4 and have to run in poopy pants for 9 miles! I will be so chafed!" {Yes, I think these things.}

{2} I know I've said it before, but I'll keep on saying it. I'm so grateful for this amazing family I married into. Yesterday while I was trucking away at work {maybe it was more like trucking away on twitter..po-tay-toe, pah-tah-toe} I received a wonderful email from my MIL letting me know Lillie was cooking up a really wonderful mud pie for dinner.
Chef Lillie has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?
{3} Have y'all heard of the 68 year old bus monitor that was bullied by some 13 year old boys? The whole situation is just cruel and uncalled for. . I remember [one of many incidents] from this boy in 4th grade who squirted a packet of hot sauce on my shirt during recess in front of everyone for no other reason than he and his friends thought it was funny. It was my 2nd day of class. At a new school. I had no friends. And it was my favorite shirt. He probably doesn't remember, but I do. His name. How he looks. How I felt. [How I still feel about it.]  How I cried. How I refused to go to school after that. It was my first indication that people weren't always nice. Looking back now, I see how much it broke my heart to learn that.
 So as someone who has been bullied before {I'm sure we all have at one point in time}, I just can't imagine actually purposefully doing something like that to a person - regardless of sex, age, weight, race, etc. So, please, if you see something happening - stop it. Show people through your actions how you'd like to be treated. Just be fricking nice for pete's sake. It's really not that damn hard.

{4}I am not looking forward to my Insanity workout tonight. I've also been running to prepare for a devil 5k in July in Texas that I will surely die in, so I'm doubly exhausted. However, I am nearly done with the first month (so what if it's taken me nearly 6 weeks - oops!) so once that happens I'll update you with how that situation has been going. And also, that only means one more month of it to go! What what!


Adrienne said...

Girl, you can so rock that half marathon! Just get yourself a nice training schedule and some good shoes and start reading runner's world. You're going to be awesome :)

I LOVE my inlaws too. So much so that I don't even like calling them my inlaws. It sounds so harsh!

The bully thing? That's completely disgusting. I would have to say getting bullied in elementary school and junior high did nothing for my character and I could have been just fine without it. None of this "it's good for you" stuff. It's just plain awful.

Rock that insanity!!! You'll feel so great after!

Abbey said...

YAY HALF MARATHON. eeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And Lillie looks like a great chef!

Aaaaaaaand I couldn't watch the video of the bus monitor. I knew I'd end up crying.