Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 6.28.12

link up with Sar at [life of love]

{1} I'm training and running for a half-marathon in January. Please read this post and help me raise money for The Epilepsy Foundation. It's a great cause and I'm willing to do stupid stuff for money. If you have idears send them my way.

{2}I posted this photo yesterday to twitter/facebook that we've named the cat we found last week, Catface.
Seems appropriate right? I mean, it is a cat. It has a face. Catface. [Genius, aren't we?] But the name has been changed, courtesy of our daughter. You see the cat is a male. A male that is not neutered. Which means his uhhh, balls, are on display for the world to see if he raises his tail. And once Lillie caught sight of them, well, she called it like she saw it - Bubbles. Yep. Name changed instantly. Once we finished laughing of course. So, Catface is out. Bubbles is in. Welcome to your new home!

{3}Someone asked me if I'd lost like 25 lbs. Uh, no, but hot damn did it make me feel good. I'm nearly done with my first month of Insanity [I've cut back some since I've started running again] and expect sometime next week an update.

{4}Because I would not be a real woman if I didn't mention this at some point in my life.
Magic Mike. Magic Mike. Magic Mike.
{5}Dudes, someone just donated - seriously, I just got an email, like right now - $50! WHAT?! People are amazing. Simply, freaking amazing. I was [am] nervous about asking for money, that's just not the type of person I am, but I am so much more excited to be helping out with such a great cause! 
Get out there and do something amazing, my friends!


Abbey said...

Woohoo donation already! I get paid tomorrow. Just sayin...

Also, I laughed out loud for Catface. What a name. Missed that on twitter. But with the backstory, Bubbles is equally funny. Poor cat.

Sar said...


Claire said...

Bubbles is a cute name as well as the story behind it!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm your new follower.


Jodi said...

Bubbles - love it. I'm seeing Magic Mike tonight!