Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Day Challenge 2012 : Day 1

Last September was my first foray into a blogger challenge [courtesy of Sar at life of love]. So, after meeting some great people I was totes pumped up with Sar asked if we'd be interested in another similar challenge. Of course, I immediately said yes. As well as many others. And after a round of what to ask? what to ask? We finally have our 15 topics!
I'm excited to start and even more excited to meet some new bloggers!
If you have a blog and are interested, please link up with Sar at [life of love], we'd love to have you!
 List 15 fun facts about yourself

1. I know the exact moment when I let myself fall in love with my husband. We were in the movie theatre, we had just laughed at something on screen and as I turned my head to him, he pushed my hair behind my ear. I was 16. And I knew that even if things didn't work out, I would never regret loving him. So, I did. It's been 10 years and nope, still no regrets.

2. The first CD's I ever bought were Everclear & Boyz II Men.
3. For a while we had a cat named Fuckface. [We were in a constant state of inebriation in our early 20s, don't judge me.]

4. I once caught an 8 foot shark. On purpose.
2006 Shark Fishing in Galveston.

5. I got a perm in 4th grade. I would never get a perm again. 

6. The first time I ever rode in a vehicle with automatic windows I was about 7. I thought those people were the richest people I would ever meet.

7. My husband and I were crowned king & queen at our senior prom.
 8. I broke my arm about 4 years ago [maybe 5, I don't really remember] and when I was about ready to go into surgery a friend of mine [who worked in surgery] told the nurses to prank me by telling me the surgery was cancelled because my urine test indicated I was pregnant. It was hilarious and pure evil. Yes, we are still totally awesome friends even though I had a mild heart attack at the time.

9. One time I was so tired I actually zipped up a dirty diaper in my daughter's sleeper and put her back to bed without realizing it until the next morning. Helloooo bad mom award!

10. I've been to Vegas twice.

11. I'm an amazon. As in I'm 5'10 and wear a size 11 shoe. I secretly hope my daughter will have ginormous skis as well so I can have someone to share shoes with.

12. In honor of Magic Mike - let's talk about Amazing Alfred. We once went to a strip club [oh, come on, don't act surprised] and while having a grand ol' time talking to some of the dancers Alfred started busting out moves. They actually took out their ones and put them in his pants. We totally walked out there $15 richer.

13. When I was 14 or 15, I read an article in one of those fashion/teen magazines that said to give your boyfriend a little surprise put flavored chapstick on right before you kiss. He'll love it! So, I did. And it was way embarrassing, he was like WTF is on your lips? That is horrible. I learned to never listen to those magazines again and to never wear raspberry flavoring chapstick for the rest of my life.

14. I don't really get mad, ever. It takes so much effort and we have so little time here, it just seems like a waste.

15. I have a frog tattoo on my chest. My daughter is constantly trying to scratch at it to get it off of me.
20 weeks pregnant boobs. & Laughing at Amazing Alfred dance moves.


Sar said...

Love y'all so much. Holy moly.

I saw Magic Mike yesterday with a bunch of girlfriends. So bad (as far as plot and story lines go), but soooo good 'cuz there's a shit ton of hot guys.

Also, holy shit you're like 80lbs in your senior prom pic. You look like you're going to die of malnutrition!

Abbey said...

Oh my goodness. That prom picture is hilarious. And the dancing picture at the end. Seriously.

Adrienne said...

This is so cool!

I love that you and your husband are high school sweethearts and yet still had that whole "party phase", from what I gather :)

You're so awesome, and these are great factoids :)