Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Monday 6.23.12

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Dear Monday, you are starting out amazeballs. Oh, you'd like to know why? Well let me tell you -

Dear Sar, thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway with Shabby Apple! 1. You're just a wonderfully awesome person. And B. I fricking won. SAY WHAT?! I can't wait to scour their website [which I've already been doing anyway - cute, cute stuff you guys!] and find the perfect outfit. Also, my kid is way excited too.
Lillie is helping mom at work this week so her grandparents
who normally watch her can have their own vacation.
Oh, and second also, Sar stop by the office if you want to see the kiddo in person so she can say thank you!

Dear Eye, I don't know why you think it's okay to pop a blood vessel, but please stop. I've got an awesome baby shower for the best friend to get ready for this Saturday and last thing I need is for Baby Tanner to look back through his photo books and wonder why Aunt Tamzilla is an evil comic book character.
On second thought, he'll probably think I'm the coolest Aunt ever. SCORE!

Dear Credit Card Fraud Dept, you are always on top of your game when it comes to our credit card. Since we seem to be happily married I don't think either of us need an account to a dating website though. But calling Alfred to let him know I "caught" him and to learn to be sneakier like me, now that was one hilarious conversation. I love that with us, trust comes first and questions come second.

Dear Husbandface, Thanks for fixing my bumper on my truck. And for just being an awesome dad to Lillie. She may have had dirt stains from head to toe yesterday but she loved every minute of helping you and Justin 'work' on the 4 wheeler.e

Dear Lillie, you've been here at work with me for 2 hours and this is what you've already accomplished. Sadly, I think it may be an improvement.

And now a message from the Lillie! [Good luck deciphering!]

;,ngvdhmjjjnme;[;/;.;;;;;;;;p;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;jh                                                            ;dddd;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.


Abbey said...

aww, I wanna take Lillie to work with me!

I really hope the baby calls you Aunt Tamzilla. Because, really, could you get a better nickname?

Sar said...

Soooo coming to visit after lunch! FANTASTIC!

Jodi said...

So fun that you won. Make sure to blog about what you buy!

Adrienne said...

Yay! Congratulations! I NEVER win things!!

Yay for Lillie day at work! Only, did you get any work done? Because she's so cute! It might be distracting...