Tuesday, July 3, 2012

15 Day Challenge 2012: Day 3

[3] Tell about an article of clothing that you're deeply attached to.

I love clothes. I love the way they can make me feel, the way they can transport me to a different time and place. The memories that attach themselves. It's really amazing how something you can buy for $5 at Wal-Mart [oh, you know you shop there too!] can help define an amazing night of debauchery for you in your mind. So much so that you want to wear it all the time. I don't have a lot of clothes I refuse to get rid of [I'm always shipping things off to Goodwill to make room for new stuff], so I'm not necessarily attached to certain items but I do have a few things that I hold close to my heart.

[1] An Everclear t-shirt my best friend from 6-8th grade [Hi Mele!] gave me when I had to move back to Texas from Kansas because my mom had some situations going on. [I actually talked about it briefly in one of the challenge days from last year.] I still have it. And it just helps remind me of the amazing people that are out there in the world that are willing to help you, to be there for you and to love you - no matter what's going on.

[2] My wedding dress.For one simple reason - I married the man of my dreams in it.
[3] Pretty much anything and everything that Lillie wears. I can't help it. She's just ridiculously cute and if we have another kid [fingers crossed] and a girl, well, we'll already have a ton of great stuff.
Lillie in ONE-derland. That Alice dress was perfection on her.

Christmas dress 2011.
Baby Zebra!
Oh, hell, now I've given myself that damn fever again.


Sar said...

Oh my gosh, I love the baby zebra pajamas. SO DARN CUTE!

Abbey said...

Not gonna lie, I got chills a little bit when you said you married the man of your dreams.

Anonymous said...

Mine was my wedding dress too for the obvious above reason!! And I am in love with the baby zebra!!

xoxo Amber

Han said...

My wedding dress is super special too - I think it lives in my Mum's attic now.

I love the Baby Zebra outfit. I want to get my goddaughter a panda onesie - is she too old at 5 years old? lol.

Kerri Blue said...

Awww you and your husband look wonderful in that photo, so loving and happy :)

Beautiful dress too!