Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've been a little MIA lately. Oops.
I don't currently have the internets at the homefront, so the majority of my posts {read: all} are done while I'm on break at work. I have tried posting things from my phone, but I just get frustrated because I have mammoth thumbs that like to double punch letters.
I haven't had a lot of breaks at work lately {although, I believe it's finally coming to a somewhat halt for the summer - score!} and I've been out some due to awesomeness.
Awesomeness at Sea World {more on this later}
I have high hopes to rectify {fun note: every time I see/hear rectify I think of rectum and it makes me laugh}this situation soon. So, cross your fingers {and your legs, you slut} and wish me luck that soon you will be whisked away into another adventure from Lehmann Land. {I know, we're so very exciting it's almost unreal - see below!}
Alfred Angry. Alfred Smash!

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